USS Nimitz

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Posted on Thu May 9th, 2013 @ 11:17pm by Captain Daniela Moreno

Mission: Tabula Rasa
Location: Serenity freighter, Federation-Reman border
Timeline: 2 weeks before memorial
Tags: Diaz, Serenity, Remans


The man nodded and took one final look toward the core before turning and moving away from the radiation that shielded them from transport.

Diaz tapped his comm badge. "Diaz to Nimitz, energize!" Alex snapped his comm badge off his chest and slapped it onto the back of the captain as he pushed him out the door and into the region where the Nimitz could get a lock. They could only transport 3 at a time and Diaz was picking the short straw for himself. The captain turned back to face Diaz as the transporter began to envelope him. He reached out, but it was too late. Moment later, he materialized on the USS Nimitz, a ship now without its captain.


Alex Diaz knew he was going to die.

He'd managed to cheat death several times throughout his life, but this one was a certainty. On any other day, that would scare him (as it would anyone), but not today. Today, he accepted his fate and was at peace with it. While there was a certain irony about the chaotic situation a ship named Serenity had found itself in, there was only peace in his own mind.

Within moments of the three remaining crew members transporting out, the Nimitz was gone. The runabout had safely docked mere seconds before and once the transport cycle was complete, the Nimitz had warped out of the area, leaving Miami Diaz alone for the final moments of his life. By the time Torvyn had been informed what had happened, they'd already be back in Federation space and with the condition of the freighter and the nearby Reman warbird, he wouldn't risk the ship and the unsteady peace with the Remans to attempt another rescue.

Alex Diaz was alone.

The doomed captain shuffled through the empty freighter; all he could do now was wait. It would only be a few minutes before the core went critical and he was vaporized in the resulting uncontained matter/antimatter reaction. In those few minutes though, he could feel the impending loss fall over him. He wasn't sad to die. He'd lived a full life. He was sad to be leaving the crew he'd come to call his family. Maybe it wasn't fair that he cheated them out of the opportunity to save him or come up with another solution, but he'd known what needed to be done and he did it.

Miami dropped down into the CONN chair in the bridge. He'd come full circle from his earliest days in Starfleet as a shuttle pilot and it just felt right to be sitting here when everything came to an end. Alex could almost hear Will Reardon's ass-chewing starting about how many regulations he'd broken and how much danger he was putting the crew and ship in; it was a conversation they'd had many times, but the admiral never grew tired of shouting the same speech at him. Secretly, Diaz never tired of hearing it. Without a father, Reardon had become the closest thing he had to a father. Out of everyone, he suspected the admiral would be hardest hit by this.

The noise and chaos of the dying ship had faded away, leaving Miami with only his thoughts in his final moments. What would his legacy be? Would he be seen as a hero or a coward? Would it be a good party? Would there be ridiculously hot women at his memorial? He smirked at the last thought; scoundrel until the end.

The explosion that ripped through the freighter took less than a second to annihilate everything in its path and expand beyond the bulkheads of the tattered ship. The quickly retreating Reman warbird only just escaped the grasp of the shockwave. From the other side of the Federation-Reman border, the Nimitz crew watched in horror as their captain made his final resting place among the stars.

Even as the explosion faded into the velvet backdrop, the bridge crew watched in disbelief. Even Torvyn Rue was speechless. They'd all seen death before, and often it had touched close to home, but this was closer than many of them had ever experienced. The silence that had settled over the bridge was broken by the raspy voice of Boris Kerlin speaking in Russian.

"Отдых среди звезд, моего друга." Rest among the stars, my friend.



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