USS Nimitz

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The No-Win Scenario

Posted on Thu May 9th, 2013 @ 11:15pm by Captain Daniela Moreno

Mission: Tabula Rasa
Location: USS Nimitz, Federation-Reman border
Timeline: 2 weeks before memorial
Tags: Diaz, Serenity, Remans


The bridge was complete chaos. Information and status updates were being called out from every station and some stations were shouting above the others to each other. The good Starfleet officers got acquainted with the cacophony early in their career and the best officers thrived in the confusion. Everyone seemed to have their own way of handling it, but at the moment, Alex Diaz might as well have been alone on the bridge. Despite the raucous and frantic environment, there was nothing but silence inside the captain's head.


Diaz repeated the name over and over in his head. There was a certain irony that a ship named "peace" found itself in the least peaceful situation possible. His eyes were locked on the simple Federation freighter that was listing heavily to one side, critically damaged and presenting the crew of the Nimitz with a problem: sit here and watch the freighter's warp core go critical within minutes, or move into Reman space and rescue the crew of the ship; it was the Kobiyashi Maru all over again.

Diaz refocused on the situation at hand and the noise from around him filtered back in. Rovak was spouting off some numbers to the CONN because they were drifting too close to Reman space for his comfort; OPS was reporting back the status of the warp core to which Boris Kerlin was throwing out a wide array of options over the open comm channel trying to get the runaway warp core under control; Commander de Vos was huddled in the corner with another engineer trying to figure out any way to boost the resolution of the transporter targeting sensors so they could simply beam the crew members out. The captain caught bits and pieces of the conversations, enough to get a sense for what was going on second-by-second. The decision of what to do was bearing down on him though.

Diaz's voice cut through the noise like a bell. "CONN, take us in."

There was no drama around the decision, no second-guessing; the captain had weighed the options and given his order. Without an ounce of hesitation, Arveth Nogierin turned and guided the Nimitz across the Reman border toward the wounded freighter. Alarms began to sound throughout the bridge warning the crew they had entered hostile space, but within moments, the klaxon was silenced. They all knew what was at stake.

The short distance through Reman space felt like it took forever, but in reality, it was a short 5 minute trip from Federation space. It was close enough to make everyone feel a little bit better, but still long enough that if a Reman warbird dropped in on them, they'd have no choice but to turn and fight; it was a fact that was all too clear to Miami, but he wasn't about to let 36 Federation citizens die in a fiery explosion when the warp containment system went critical.

Next to the Nimitz, the Serenity looked puny, a freighter not much bigger than a Defiant-class ship. The crew of the Nimitz were putting their own safety on the line being this close to a ship that was about to unleash one of the most violent reactions in the known universe. They had to work quickly.

The bridge immediately returned to its previous level of insanity as work began to retrieve the crew from the damaged freighter. It was a task far easier said than done since radiation levels had spiked in the 5 minutes it took the Nimitz to glide up to the Serenity. Transporting would be possible, but not as quickly or easily as it would've been a few minutes earlier.

"Get those people out of there as fast as you can. Commander, you have the bridge!" Diaz called out as he darted toward the turbolift. He was about to break several Starfleet regulations, but since he'd already violated a sovereign race's border, what was adding a few more to the tally?



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