USS Nimitz

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Flight check

Posted on Tue Jul 30th, 2013 @ 10:16pm by Staff Warrant Officer Bartholomé 'Bart' Davon

Mission: Aftershock
Location: Main Shuttlebay, deck 15
Timeline: 1230, day 1


Bart carefully walked around the Lawrence, one of the two type-11 shuttlecraft aboard the Nimitz, while doing his pre-flight check. On the other side of the craft, Shor (NPC), his Tellarite co-pilot was doing the same thing.

"I still say we should be using the Stockdale for this trip," the man voice could be heard from the other side as a Bart kneeled down to inspect the starboard nacelle. Bart smiled; it seemed that the Tellarite tendency to argue had not changed over the centuries. He straightened, satisfied with his inspection. "Both shuttles passed inspection, 'Trwyth', and both of us have logged most of our flying time on her."

"Bha, but the Stockdale showed a higher power output, which might well be useful in this flight. 'Trucker', you've seen the weather 'forecasts' those blue shirts gave us." The Tellarite snorted and frowned at Bart as they passed each other at the front of the shuttle. "A whole bunch of warning and maybe's, but not a single solid thing one what the conditions are going to be when we're actually entering the atmosphere."

Bart shrugged. "Power output was only 0.3 % higher. I think it counts for more that we have a better feel for how the Lawrence handles. And that's exactly what we're going to need when we hit those conditions. And that's why I'm going to be wearing my crash-webbing." He was referring to his flight suit, which had been adapted from the fighter version to allow the crew to belt themselves in for the case of rough flying. Which it looked it was going to be.

"I think you're just happy you're back into an actual pilot's chair instead of having to do traffic control or flight deck duties. What did you do to get the small lady to shaft you like that for the last month?" Shor asked. Bart grimaced lightly. After dealing with the hang-over his little contest with the Cardassian woman it turned out that their Chief Flight Officer wasn't fond of pilots who were not able to fly on the shortest notion. She hadn't called him out on in, but her opinion had been pretty obvious by how he had been assigned only ground duties. Oh, he had made all the necessary qualifying and familiarization flights, but other than that he had been monitoring traffic control or managing the flight deck, as Shor pointed out.

So true, he was a little happy to be back behind the controls again. And for a challenging flight all the same.

They met up again at the back of the shuttle near the entrance hatch. "Anything you saw on your inspection?" Bart asked. Shor grunted. "The front-starboard thruster package looked a little missaligned to me, but when I asked the computer for a level-4 diagnostic it said all was fine, but with all those glitches going on who can trust that stupid thing? Anyway, I ran an independent tricorder scan and that came back fine, so I guess we'll have to trust it."

"Good. My check also came up with only cosmetic issues, so let's get inside and secure everything. Don't want to have something shift in there when the flying gets rough and knocking one of your guests to the floor." That elicted a grin and a nod from Shor and the two headed inside, working their way forward and securing all gear and lockers. Once at the flight deck, the two sat down and started going through their power-up check.

The sound of quick footsteps them look over their shoulders; Shor first, Bart second as he finished uploading that latest information from Science. The shocking pink hair was a dead giveaway on who was their. "Gentlemen," Layia Endron (NPC), their Chief Flight Officer greeted. "Lieutenant," the two said in eerily synchronicity, surprising them both. Layia grinned. "Ah, it warms my heart to see a flight team that so harmonizes with one another."

Then she turned more serious. "I just wanted to wish you a good flight. And to tell you that if you think it's not going to be safe, you bail out. There is a good reason the Nimitz herself is taking up a high orbit instead of a more standard synchronous orbit. I don't care if the CO were to come down as part of the team and order you to land, if you think landing and the following take-off are too dangerous, you're going to wave off and return." She glanced at both pilots to make sure she was understood.

"Good. Science is already shuttling down equipment. I'll have some crew bring it over, but make sure it's all secured as well. 'Trucker', time to live up to your sign. The live cargo should be arriving soon as well." She grinned at the two of them and left.

Bart stood up. "'Trwyth', finish up the power-up. I'll go aft and await our cargo." Shor grunted, but turned back to their consoles. Bart walked aft, and looking through the hatch could see a hover pallet approaching, loaded with gear. Soon it would be just waiting for their passengers to arrive.



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