USS Nimitz

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Posted on Sun Jul 28th, 2013 @ 4:43pm by Captain Daniela Moreno

Mission: Aftershock
Location: CO Quarters, USS Nimitz
Timeline: 32 hours before Mission Start


Daniela Moreno sat in her quarters reviewing information on a PADD. This wasn't an uncommon thing for her, but unlike most COs who hated this part of the job, she relished it. She had worked so hard over her career to get to this point that she wasn't about to complain about one of the requirements of the job.

She'd taken command of the Nimitz only 6 weeks earlier, but she was already falling into a normal schedule and getting used to the crew around her. Some of the crew were having a harder time with the transition than others, but for the most part, everyone was adjusting to life under her command. It had gotten a little easier a week earlier when they'd finally shoved off from space dock and headed out into open space. There wasn't a specific mission for them when they left, just head out and do what the Federation did best: explore. So far, they hadn't found much worth exploring, but that was about to change.

Daniela was studying gravimetric data they'd gotten from a Federation sensor outpost a few hours ago. Strange readings had prompted the Federation to ask the Nimitz to investigate. They were still a day and a half from the planet, but in the meantime, she was trying to get caught up on what was going on. At first glance, it was pretty straightforward: seismic activity was beginning to tear the planet to pieces. It wasn't uncommon for that kind of thing to happen in the millions of star systems around the galaxy, but what was uncommon was the speed of the onset of the seismic activity. Three days earlier, nothing had been wrong. Now, the planet had no more than 60 hours before it was in pieces floating through the star system.

Already, the Science department was working around the clock to find an explanation, but they were still too far away to get their own sensor readings. Like the rest of the Science department, she'd been pouring over the data nonstop trying to find some kind of explanation. There were some theories that had been floated, but none of them made sense in the amount of time things had happened. A magnetic pole reversal could've caused seismic issues like this, but that could take hundreds of years to happen. Every theory that was floated matched the final outcome, but not the rate at which it was happening.

Moreno dropped the PADD into her lap and rubbed her eyes. Their first glance into the system wouldn't happen until they were about 12 hours away, or in other words, another 20 hours of guessing. The Federation sensor outpost was too far away to have any meaningful data either, so it was a guessing game until then.

Before Daniela could dive back in to the data on the PADD, the lights around her flickered several times before half of them failed, leaving her partially in the dark. She let out an exasperated sigh. A few days after they'd left space dock, power fluctuations had started, but they were relatively minor. Now, they were affecting lights and even some of the gravity systems in some rooms. So far no major systems had been impacted, but she didn't like having to deal with these kinds of issues right out of space dock. Whenever she'd asked Chief Sutler about the issues, he just shrugged and said his team was looking at the problem, but that it was nothing to worry about. She wasn't worried, but she was inconvenienced.

She stood from the chair and moved to the desk a few meters away that was in the lit portion of the room to continue her research. With the PADD in one hand, she started to dig through the Federation database about similar seismic phenomenon. Perhaps there was something in the historical data that would shed some light on this issue. It was a long shot, but with 20 hours to go before long range sensors could provide more information, it couldn't hurt.

The lights returned to the previous lighting level and drew Moreno's attention. She shook her head. Then the room fell into darkness.




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