USS Nimitz

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The Shitstorm Cometh

Posted on Mon May 20th, 2013 @ 1:09am by Captain Daniela Moreno

Mission: Tabula Rasa
Location: Starbase 414, Hangar Bay 3
Timeline: Several hours after Diaz's Memorial


The rear shuttlecraft door touched down on the hangar bay floor with a thud that reverberated through the nearly empty room. Will Reardon did his best to hide the smile that wanted so desperately to spread across his face as a silhouette in the landing craft moved toward the opening.

"Welcome to Starbase 414, Captain," he greeted.

Captain Daniela Moreno stepped into the light of the hangar bay, pausing at the top of the ramp. Her piercing dark eyes examined the man carefully before descending from the shuttle. Despite being shorter than the admiral, she had a presence about her that would've made any bystander wonder who they should be more scared of: the admiral or the woman.

"Let's just cut the bullshit, shall we?"

"I beg your pardon?" Will asked incredulously.

"We both know what this is, so there's absolutely no reason for pleasantries or pretending this is anything except us using each other."

"And what exactly is this, captain?" he asked, disbelief coursing through his veins at the tone she took with him.

"It's no secret that you and my father have hated each other for over 30 years now. I was tired of him dictating my career and wanted my own command, but you're the only person in the fleet with the balls to go toe-to-toe with him, even over his own daughter. You saw an opportunity to stick it to him and you took it. I get what I want and you get the satisfaction of pissing off my father. *That's* what this is. Sir."

Reardon nodded. "So the rumors are true: you *are* a bitch."

"But I'm not wrong."

"No, you aren't," the admiral admitted.

"Good. So dispense with the bullshit and we'll get along just fine," she said with an ingenuous smile.

"Most people are intimidated by flag officers," Reardon said.

Her response was immediate. "Most people weren't raised by one."

The tense conversation was interrupted by the woman's comm badge chirping. A quick tap and the night shift communications officer's voice was echoing through the hangar bay. "Captain, you have a priority one subspace transmission from Earth."

"Thank you, I'll take it in the Hangar Bay 3 control room." She closed the channel to the communications officer and smirked, "Looks like Daddy's awake." She stepped away from the admiral and marched toward the nearest lift to take her up to the control room overlooking the hangar bay and an irate admiral and father.

"What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall for that conversation," Reardon muttered as the woman vanished into the hangar bay control room above.



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