USS Nimitz



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When a Starfleet sensor outpost detects strange gravimetric readings near an uninhabited planet, the Nimitz is dispatched to investigate. Arriving to a planet beginning to be torn to shreds by the seismic activity, an away team is dispatched to investigate while it's still relatively safe. As the away team makes a hard landing on the planet's surface though, critical systems begin to fail on the Nimitz, stranding the away team in the path of the catastrophic seismic activity.

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Tabula Rasa

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Uncertainty has settled on the USS Nimitz after the sudden death Captain Alex Diaz. As past and current crew members gather to mourn his passing, change hangs in the air. Even as a new Commanding Officer arrives to take the reins of the Nimitz, several of the crew's long-tenured members depart for new assignments and the remaining crew are left to turn the page.