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1st Lieutenant Alierin Javindhra

Name Alierin Etriyan Javindhra III

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 101

Physical Appearance

Height 1.55 m (5' 1")
Weight 53 kg (117 lbs.)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description A short, slender, and unassuming woman, Alierin possesses a measure of ethereal beauty and conducts herself with finesse. As a marine officer she often can't help but stand out from her peers, as she appears relatively delicate and timid for her line of work; in truth, however, she's athletic and endurant enough to keep up with her fellow marines, and doesn't need to resort to brash tactics to command their loyalty (if not their respect). Her dark hair, brown eyes, and fair complexion lend her an aura of mystery, and due to her youthful features she is easily mistaken for a human woman in her twenties--only a fraction of her actual age. Though not an ostentatious woman, Alierin has some vain tendencies that marine training couldn't completely vanquish: she favors simplistic attire that doesn't show a lot of skin, but virtually everything in her wardrobe is tailored to show off her magnificent figure... uniforms included. She also tends to wear her shoulder-length hair down whenever she thinks she can get away with doing so.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Varix Javindhra (age 279)
Mother Alierin Javindhra II (age 253)
Brother(s) Telos Javindhra (age 124)
Sister(s) Sumine Javindhra (age 65)
Other Family Having grown up in a commune founded by El Aurian refugees, Alierin and her family formed close bonds with many of their neighbors, and as a result there are many whom she calls kin, even if few share actual blood relation. It should also go without saying that she has a grandmother whom she is named after.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like many of her kind, Alierin is known for being more of a listener than a speaker. She is often mistaken for being introverted, or even timid, because she doesn't make a habit of speaking her mind unless she feels her words are appropriate and necessary. Being a member of a long-lived species, she is naturally seen as many things by many different kinds of people. Those with relatively short lifespans often can't help but see her as patient, overcautious, and a bit too laid-back for the Marine Corps lifestyle. In contrast, among her own people she is seen as just the opposite... radical, impulsive, and more than a little high-strung. Despite the differences of opinion, one way or another she is almost universally seen as more of a kid than a full-fledged adult.
Strengths & Weaknesses Though Alierin has only a handful of years of experience as a marine officer, the decision to attend Starfleet Academy had been decades in the making, and she'd spent several years preparing for what she might study there. Compared to most of the young cadets she'd graduated with, she'd already had close to a lifetime's worth of academic study behind her, making her a veritable fount of knowledge in her field from day one. To complement her mental prowess, Alierin has also tried to devote effort toward strengthening her body as well, though in her athletic endeavors she has not shown as much promise. Overall, those who look for the best in people would highlight her intelligence, insight, tactical acumen, and natural charisma. Conversely, those who focus on the shortcomings of others would point out her overcautiousness, inexperience, genteel bearing, and general lack of discipline and commonality with those under her command.
Ambitions Alierin has ambitions to rise through the ranks in the Marine Corps, but given her species' longevity, she is not in any terrible rush to get to where she wants to be. She views the hasty manner in which Human, and like-minded marines compete for promotion as both reckless, and overly cutthroat, and she is more than content focusing instead on her day-to-day duties, instead of lining up to jockey for position. Within the Marine Corps, however, those with a long-view like her are in the distinct minority; she's learning--slowly, of course--that if she wants any respect or measured success in her line of work, she has to have clear goals, and definitely has to pick up the pace.
Hobbies & Interests Even though her work takes up much of her time, Alierin has a few hobbies that she favors during the rare bits of downtime she is allotted. Growing up in a rural, agrarian community gave her a love (and knack) for gardening and horticulture; she likes to spend time in the ship's botany labs and arboretum, either helping out with upkeep, or simply enjoying a picnic in a somewhat authentic pastoral setting. Alierin is also skilled at calligraphy, and has a tendency to write out formal documents, such as promotion and award certificates, by hand; though time consuming and somewhat archaic, this practice has endeared her to many of her fellow marines. In contrast to her mostly peaceful and domestic hobbies, Alierin does enjoy firearms and combat training to help her stay on top. She doesn't enjoy athletics and competitive sports though... she only participates in such activities when she has to.

Personal History Alierin (al-ear-inn) Etriyan Javindha the third, also known simply as 'Ali', was born on the Federation colony-world Arcadia in late Winter, 2291. Arcadia, though originally settled by Human colonists, had become a popular haven for El Aurian refugees fleeing the Borg invasion of their homeworld. Alierin and her siblings were the first in her family to be born offworld, and thus have no memories of El Auria.

Raised in a communal setting, where families lived in close proximity to one another and shared possessions, resources, and responsibilities, Alierin grew to see her neighbors as part of her extended family. Such a tight knit community led to her having much in the way of positive influences and support, but also gave her a sheltered galactic view, and made her quite naive. Her parents and grandparents, weary of life after what the Borg had done to their people, never really told Alierin about what had happened, or about life off-world in general. Virtually everyone in her commune seemed more than content devoting their efforts to farming and peaceful coexistence. Alierin spent the first ninety years of her life caught up in that lifestyle.

As El Aurians live for centuries, it's logical to assume that they do some things slowly. They aren't considered fully developed adults until around a century old, give or take a decade or two. And though El Aurians are as intellectually developed as Humans, Vulcans, and most other sentient species, such a priority is given on education that learning is truly a lifelong process. Alierin was schooled rigorously for nearly seventy years, though, conspicuously enough, she was not taught very much about galactic politics, historical events, and the plight of her own people. Even though she held the equivalent of college degrees in subjects such as mathematics, and science, it wasn't until Alierin reached adolescence that she began to realize just how sheltered she was. She began to ask questions about the galaxy at-large: the Federation, its neighbors, Starfleet, and perhaps most importantly, the Borg. None of the adults around her seemed inclined to discuss such topics at length, however, and Alierin's insistence gave her the reputation as a rebellious child.

By the time she became a young adult, Alierin was more or less regarded as the 'black sheep' of her family. Even though she'd never done anything criminal or hurtful to those around her, her peers saw her questioning nature--especially about topics deemed as taboo--as disrespectful and insolent. Compared to the peaceful, reactionary majority in her community, she stood out as a bellicose and radical element. It wasn't long after that she felt increasingly unwelcome among her own people, and thus her eventual decision to leave Arcadia and join the Marine Corps was not particularly shocking, so much as it was a source of relief.

Though Alierin only needed some sort of college degree to become a marine officer, she opted for the true challenge of enrolling in Starfleet Academy... after, of course, she'd properly prepared herself first. She attended a military academy on Andoria that taught her about tactics, military traditions, and the discipline she'd need in her future line of work. She did well enough academically, but in terms of adjusting to Andorian social habits and discipline she fit in poorly, and became quite reclusive during her years spent studying there. Though she scored in the honors bracket more often than not, she constantly received demerits for things she saw as trivial... not adhering to dress codes and formalities, and for not displaying a sufficient level of athleticism and team spirit. While she did manage to graduate as planned, she didn't rate anywhere near the top of her class.

Surprisingly, Alierin's difficulties at the military academy on Andoria did not impede her efforts to attend Starfleet Academy. Her relative wealth of knowledge--when compared to cadets from shorter-lived species--helped her to pass the entrance exams with ease. As with her studies on Andoria, Alierin saw the four year program at the academy as unbelievably rushed; it was difficult for her to fathom how the cadets there could be prepared in so few years. Overall she had a somewhat easier time during her years studying there than she did on Andoria, but she encountered many of the same difficulties. Training and coursework were rarely a problem, but her laid-back demeanor, coupled with a lack of competitive spirit made her seem lazy, and nonchalant about her future career. On several occasions she considered giving up on her goal to be a marine officer, but she ultimately stuck with it--the thought of what had happened to her people filled her with a fire that kept her going through tough times.

After her graduation and commissioning as a second lieutenant in the Starfleet Marine Corps, Alierin was posted to Camp Troia, a quiet and picturesque world that featured a variety of terrestrial climate zones, but little in the way of danger or a real challenge. Assigned as a platoon commander, she was responsible for the leadership and training of forty marines, much of them just as new to the uniform as she was. Relying heavily on her experienced platoon sergeant and squad leaders, she somehow managed to get the platoon well-adhered to a comprehensive training regimen, and after nine months her platoon had the best performance record in its battalion; soon afterwards, she was also assigned as the company executive officer, leaving her second in command of a unit nearly four times the size of her platoon.

After two years at Camp Troia, Alierin was surprisingly offered the opportunity for her own command, a Fleet Marine Force unit. Unbeknown to her, the regimental commander at Troia had marked her out as one one of his most promising junior officers, and a prime candidate for fleet deployment. Although there were likely more experienced officers to fill the role she was offered, Alierin has heard that El Aurians tended to find themselves high in the running... perhaps due to their rare long-view perspective, and plaguing rumors of mystical abilities that might help in the depths of space.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (2381-85)
2381-82: Cadet Freshman Grade
2382-83: Cadet Sophomore Grade
2383-84: Cadet Junior Grade
2384-85: Cadet Senior Grade

First Posting (2385-87)
Camp Troia (229th Light Infantry Regiment), Majrek IV
2385: Platoon Commander
2386: Company Executive Officer

Second Posting (2387-Present)
USS Nimitz (NXI-3), Legacy-class Explorer
2387: Marine Commanding Officer