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Lieutenant Commander Porter Wallace

Name Porter John Wallace

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He's a an imposing man, fit, with a sharply angled face and shot cropped hair. While his eyes are emotionally flat, at times they can twinkle and illuminate his thoughts to even the most unobservant person.

A number of tattoos wrap his body: pale white skull and crossbones hang menacingly over the Starfleet Marine emblem on his left shoulder; a banner listing four campaigns and nine engagements hangs down his right rib cage; the name of his deceased first wife and missing daughter in three inch-long calligraphy over his heart; his new wife's name is etched on his right chest in her native Romulan; finally, two black and white puzzle pieces crawl up his neck, barely hidden by the collar of his uniform. The most noticeable tattoo, however, is across his right hand. It declares in bold letters, “NO MERCY.” Beside's Nadae's name and the puzzle pieces, the others are puzzling to him. He does not remember getting them, nor does he know the story behind each; yet, he feels they are keys to his past and so despite his reservations at having "NO MERCY" tattooed on his hand, he decided to keep each in hopes that one day he would fully understand the value they held for him.


Spouse Nadae Dedrita, m. 2391
Children Emily Wallace (missing since 2373)
Father John Wallace (deceased)
Mother Anna Wallace (deceased)
Brother(s) Marcus Wallace
Other Family Elizabeth Wallace (wife, deceased, 2373)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wallace is not the same man he was in the 2380s; in fact, it's hard to say Wallace is the same man he ever was. After an attack from an away mission left him in a coma, he awoke with only partial memories of the past. Some of those memories were very strong, while others were but shadows.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has become a man of deep thought, giving time and contemplation to what he likes to call 'questions of the soul.' Compassion and empathy are his two strongest characteristics now.

His greatest weakness (yet sometimes his greatest strength) remains his rage. Even he has trouble understanding it, because he doesn't understand where it comes from. It can burst from him at the strangest of times, both becoming a helpful emotion and a destructive one.
Ambitions Just as Starfleet focuses it efforts on missions of discovery, Wallace is seeking to discover himself. He doesn't understand many of the unremembered actions he took in the past. The personnel files and psychological reports paint a deeply troubled man, capable of great loyalty, but harmful destruction. When he looks at himself in the mirror, Wallace has trouble imagining himself doing any of the same deeds. The fear that he will turn into that person again, however, is not strong enough to dissuade him from trying to unlock his memories.
Hobbies & Interests Wallace studies spirituality, voraciously reading tomes on spirituality from earth and other places throughout the galaxy. He has forged new past times to fill his free time too. Anything that gets his heart pumping, his is liable to try at least once. Ion surfing and orbital parajumping have become his two favored activities, although when wanting a quiet evening he taught himself to play the guitar. Everyone morning he practices his tai chi.

Personal History If a past makes a man, then Wallace can only say that he is half-way there. The holes in the tapestry of his memory are overwhelming, and most of what he knows about himself he has learned from those who knew him or from the files he has read. It does not make for happy reading.

Porter John Wallace has lived, killed, nearly died, and been given a second chance. Born in Los Angeles, California to the artist, John A. Wallace, and a Starfleet officer, Anna Wallace, Porter Wallace’s life was normal for the most part. He would run around the house and dream of being some sort of warrior poet, or better yet warrior artist, defending the Federation while at the same time enriching its soul.

His mother disappeared along with the USS Fredericksburg before Porter turned fourteen. John tried to raise both his sons alone, and encouraged them to seek careers outside Starfleet. Porter’s younger brother Marcus eventually decided to become a lawyer, but Porter followed out his life-long dream and entered the Starfleet Academy, choosing the Starfleet Marine Corps when he graduated.

Before the turbulent 2370s disrupted his life, Porter was quite content. He married a young doctor, Elizabeth, who’d he met on his first assignment and they had a child together. Porter painted on his off time and led a small unit of Marines during working hours. Everything he’d imagined had come true. For a short time, he convinced himself that nothing would ever change.

Porter’s life began to unravel during the Battle of Sector 001. Elizabeth, temporarily assigned to another ship, was killed in the fighting when her ship was destroyed. A few months later, the families onboard Porter’s ship were ordered off by Starfleet in preparation of the coming Dominion War. His daughter, Emily, and the rest of the people aboard the transport never reached their destination, but became one of the thousands of ships that set out and were never heard from again.

Heartbroken and angry, he blamed the Dominion for his woes. His unit was nearly always thrown into the thick of the ground fighting, which gave him ample opportunity to exact revenge. He pushed his Marines, and they became known as a company that never retreated and could be counted on to do the near impossible. He fought on Andrious Prime, Partax, The Eloric Moon, and the Liberation of Sophia. It was the last where he lost his two remaining closest friends.

His friends had been his conscience and his crutch, but with them gone he spun wildly out of control. The brutality he exacted on anyone who gave him a reason soon became a problem. A peacekeeping mission gone wrong found Porter at the center of a JAG investigation. Although Starfleet quietly dropped the investigation after embarrassing details about their emissary to the troubled world came to light, Porter was reprimanded, demoted, and sent to the USS Nimitz to command a very small unit.

On board the USS Nimitz, Wallace continued his antics. His viciousness continued, more reprimands came, and he attempted to push everyone away. One young woman, however, somehow managed to break through his emotional armor. Porter found himself deeply caring about what happened to this young crewman; she reminded him of his daughter who would have been about her age. He defended her, ensured she had everything she needed, and then, when attacked by an unknown alien life form on a planet, he fought back the venomous life form, while she escaped.

The venom from the creature put Porter into a deep coma. So deep, in fact, that the Nimitz’s doctor originally declared him dead. He remained lifeless for over a year before awaking on Earth in a hospital. Many of his memories were gone, although some did eventually return. Those that did left him confused. He lived both as the man he was before the loss of his first wife and child, and the man he was after, not sure which was the real man.

Several years went by, during which Wallace gave up his career in the Starfleet Marines and started studying psychology in hopes of unlocking his own mind. He married, adjusted to this new life, and rejoined Starfleet this time as a counselor.
Service Record 370-2372, USS Canterbury, Marine Detachment XO
2372-2373, USS Europa, Marine Detachment CO
2373-2374, Beta Company, 2nd Platoon CO, 22nd Marine Regiment, 12th Division
2374-2375, Kilo Company CO, 3rd Battalion, 110th Marine Regiment, 88th Division
14 APR 2375 *Wounded in action, Liberation of Sophia*
2375-2376, Andoria, Starfleet Medical Hospital, Recovery Ward
2376-2379, USS Victory, Marine Detachment CO
14 JUL 2379 *Relieved of command due to JAG investigation*
13 DE C2379 *Reprimanded and Demoted*
2379-2382, 6th Fleet, Marine Headquarters
2382-2384, USS Nimitz, Marine Detachment CO
2384-2385 *Wounded, transferred to Starfleet Medical*
5 FEB 2385, *Resigned*
2385-2386, Gyatso School of Spiritualism
2385-2387, Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, Psychology, M.Sc.
2387-2392 University of San Francisco, Psychology, Ph.D.
02 JUL 2388 *Commissioned, Starfleet Medical*
2388-2393, Starfleet Academy, Counselor and Lecturer
2393- USS Nimitz, Chief Counselor