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Commander Joseph Masterson

Name Joseph Masterson

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 174 cm
Weight 72 kg
Hair Color Blonde, getting white.
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Joseph Masterson has a regular build and no physical marks that can make him remarkble. There is, however, an aura of command and leadership that exudes of him, especially if one looks at his piercing blue eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain James Masterson (ret.)
Mother Commander Jessica Masterson (ret.)
Brother(s) Captain William Masterson of the USS Gandhi
Other Family Admiral Maxwell Masterson (ret.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Joseph Masterson was groomed to be a Starfleet Officer that shows in his way to deal with others. He pickup an alien language easily and always had diplomatic skills above average, despite his skill with a phaser.

He has a forced politeness and it is civil most of the time. But recent facts changed his personality and he is now a man that hides his true self under his professional persona.
Strengths & Weaknesses Masterson, as any Starfleet Officer trained to Command, is well versed in strategic and command situations. However, he has, due his past, serious self confidence about his own abilities, which could be dangerous in risky situation.
Ambitions Joseph was a man that had everything he wanted and lost in the most humiliating and embarassing way. He wants and still fights himself to find his true self and redeem his name and his family's.
Hobbies & Interests Before the famous USS Patna incident, Joseph was known for his love of Ancient Naval battles of Earth, taking great length in recreating them in the holodeck. Nowdays, no one knows what Joseph does in his spare time, since he doesn't like to be seem off duty.

Personal History Joseph Masterson was Born in San Francisco, son of two Starfleet officers, coming from a long line of Starfleet Officer family. His father, James, son of the respected Admiral Maxwell Masterson, was a captain and commanded the USS Portugal for fifteen years before he retired. Joseph's mother was a First Officer aboard the USS Liberty for many years until she retired to raise her two sons.

Aside himself, Joseph had an older brother, William. Both grew up hearing about his father exploits, as the age came, both joined the Starfleet Academy.

His brother went head, being two years older, and graduated in the top fifteen of class. Joseph was considered with more potential and graduated with honors, being expected to be captain even earlier than his brother.
Service Record As it was expected, Joseph was first posted as an ensign in the security department in the USS Hale. He was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Jr. due his ability to solve a problem under pressure.

In an unexpected diplomatic first contact mission that went sour, Joseph was able to save his captain and away team after talking the natives down using their own language. Thanks to that, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and took over the Security Department, since his superior lost an arm in that mission.

Joseph started be noticed among the fleet and it was a quick promotion to Commander and first officer of the USS Mecca and three years later, he was getting his own command, at the age of 36 years old. He knew that was because the threat of the Dominion, also.

The USS Patna was Nebula Class Starship. It wasn't an impressive ship and already had seen a lot, but it was Joseph's own command and he was decided to make the most of it.

It was by that time Dominion War erupted, the Patna was already had a good reputation of doing the job done. During the Dominion War, Joseph did what he thought was right, no self doubt. There were losses and there were victories. At end of the war, the Patna had done its part for the war.

It was during the Dominion attack that it happened. During a run to evacuate a science team in the Borlan System, the Patna got surrounded by two Borg Cubes, both entering the oposite sides of the system.

The Borlan System had a difficult navigational situation, being almost impossible to jump to Warp from the Science Station. It was necessary to travel to edge of the system and then jump out.

As the crew of the Patna panicked of the idea of being assimilated, after all that they had gone through during the Dominion War, Joseph thought of every possible situation. No possible solution came without they fought with one Cube and then the other would overcome them.

The other possible option was to abandon the science team, that was almost at range, and make run for it. It was at that moment that Joseph looked at his senior officers to options. None of them seemed ready to die for that science team. "They already dead, sir", his first officer said. "Even if we transport them aboard, they will die along with us."

In that moment; that moment that would torment Joseph Masterson for many years, he decided to follow his senior officers advice. He had to admit himself, he feared for his life, despite of knowing that risk was something that came of his job.

With mere thousands of kilometers of distance of transporter range, the USS Patna turned around and ran, at full impulse to the edge of the system, before the Borg Cubes could arrive. After they were saved, Joseph regreted his decision quietly and then commented his mixed feelings to his Number One, Lester Willcox, that said he would backup the decision in court if need.

After a month of that mission, the USS Patna was called back at Starfleet HQ on Earth. Joseph Masterson and his senior crew were brought on charges for dereliction of duty among others. It seemed that scientist had not only escaped the Borg, but among them it was Rigellian Councillor's daughter.

When the time for the Court Martial comes, Joseph, that already regreted deeply his decision, expected to be, at least, supported by his senior officers, found out that all of them had evaded their responsability, including his First Officer. Deep down, Joseph knew he was the only responsible for that decision and he had lacked the moral courage to be firm. He couldn't blame them for their acts. He was their captain. It was his responsability.

The court martial was harsh and unmerciful. When asked why the Patna had not transported the team aboard, a procedure that only would take twelve seconds, Joseph was silent. In fact, the only words he said it was he regreted his actions.

Due his family reputation plus the fact that Joseph Masterson had such a good record and he was extremely repeting of his acts, the court martial decided, that despite his coward act and dereliction of duty, he still had the right to be starfleet officer. He was convicted, but as penalty he lost his ship and was demoted to Commander.

After that, his family, especially, his brother, didn't want to look him on the face anymore.

Joseph was said that he was pending to receive a position in another Starship.

He waited for a year.