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Staff Warrant Officer Bartholomé 'Bart' Davon

Name Bartholomé 'Bart' Hussain Davon

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11" (181 cm)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray with brown flecks
Physical Description Bart is a stocky man, looking to be in his early forties. A small chin beard accents his angular face, which is a mix of his mother's Arabian heritage and his father's Mediterranean descent. His skin has a natural tan, and looks a little weathered, partially due to less-then-optimal conditions aboard the less-shielded ECS freighters during his early life.


Father Guilliame 'Will' Davon (deceased)
Mother Ester Tamihra Davon-al'Hadr (deceased)
Sister(s) Julliana Arana Howard-Davon (deceased)
Other Family various great-to-the-power-of-n grand-nephews and nieces

Personality & Traits

General Overview His time-hopping has made him rather reserved. It cut him off from friends and family from his youth, and during his first in-time decade he never really attached to others, culture-shocked as he was. More recent decades he has been more social. In joining Starfleet he found a brotherhood that was both welcoming, as well as ever changing so that he didn't feel like his going out-of-time would disrupt too much. Still, he has some difficulty to connect with others, due in part to the fact that most likely he is going to leave them behind again, but keeps those connections he does have close to his heart.
In his in-time decades, he has experienced many different captains, with different styles. From the rough and tumble frontier mentality of the ECS freighter service, through the maverick style of the Kirk era, the more staid early-24th century to the current flexible-by-necessity attitude after the destruction of Romulus. To him it feels almost like a return to his early years, when life in space required one to roll with it. In his dealings he upholds the books if it makes sense, but he is known to bend the rules as well to get things done. To quote the Ferengi: 'In danger there is opportunity'.
In dealing with others, he is a curious mix of styles, often picked up in the different decades he was in-time. He can look equally at home in some dive bar playing poker as in dress uniform at the commissioning of a starship. Space boomers had to be flexible, and often had a strong independent streak. Mostly, he seems to tailor his responses to whomever he is dealing with. He can be unfailingly polite to those he doesn't like, but tends to steer clear of such people, even going to the point of requesting transfers. If, as it seems, you only have a limited time in a decade, you don't want to waste it by having to deal with some #%@#%.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bart's time hopping gives him an even more varied range of experiences, having seen different eras and their mentalities. But at the same time he always does feel a little disconnected because it never is _his_ time, and ten years is not really enough to form such a connection. Especially if you know you're probably going to time-freeze again.
Being on a spaceship is in his blood, and flying is his big thing. Though with the way that he grew up on those old freighters means that 'flying' to him also means to have a solid understanding of the whole ship. Operations and Engineering are a big part of his re-education.
Socially, he seems to be a bit of a loner. A little by choice, and a little by personality. He is aware that most likely, he'll time-freeze again, and when he wakes up friends will be old or dead. Other people don't always know how to approach him because of it, but when they do they find him to be helpful and friendly. He does develop a sense of camaraderie with his fellow crew members based on their shared duties and experiences, but he has few deep friends.
One 'physical' weakness is that nearly anything to do with time-manipulation can have adverse effects on him. Mostly this results in a short time-freeze, but he has been fallen unconscious as well.
Ambitions One of Bart's main ambitions is to find out more about his 'guest'. He and Starfleet Medical have inferred that it is intelligent, but so far have never been able to establish any kind of communication, nor have they been able to identify any origin. There are some myths, from different races and planets, that refer to persons coming back after periods of time; Earth's 'forever knight' stories are an example. But so far there have been no solid leads.
However, Bart knows that this search will be a long one, if it ever will come to a conclusion. Also, he is much to pragmatic to devote his whole being to this goal. As such, he searches for ways to make his life useful, as well as fun. So far, working for Starfleet has given him both.
Hobbies & Interests Due to his unique circumstances, he has become very interested in studying other long-lived races, such as Vulcans and El-Aurian's. He is faced with the prospect of living a long time, both due to his time-skips as well as his own slowed-down aging.
He enjoys flying, and is licensed to fly small planes and shuttles. For him, 'flying' also means keeping your plane in good shape, so he knows his way around the systems. As a weird, planet-bound outgrow of this love of flying he also enjoys kite-surfing.
Bart has also taken up the practice of T'ai Chi, for a multitude of reasons. One was that a fellow freighter, an old man considered weird even by other boomers, claimed it was the best self-defense you could have in a low-g environment. Two, he found that it helped him to center during the time after his first unfreezing, while he was still dealing with the whole new situation. Three, he sees it as a good way to stay in shape and flexible. He has been granted a way to stay alive, and though there are costs, he would be a fool to throw it away by not taking care of himself.

Personal History Few humans have a history as convoluted as Bartholomé 'Bart' Hussain Davon. Born in orbit around Alpha Centauri, he pretty much grew up as 'space boomer', someone who lived on a family-run warp-1.5 freighter ship, in the early 2130's, more than two centuries ago. His mother was the freighter's quartermaster/cook/medic, while his father was an engineer/pilot. As so many freighter kids, he was 'home schooled' on the space lanes, and learned to fix his first plasma manifold before he was even allowed to drink. Occasionally, he lived on a planet for a while, when his parents were making a particular dangerous run, but on average he and his family were the stereotype freight jockeys people know from the history holos.
Fast forward a little to the mid 2150's. United Earth is in the midst of an exploration effort centred on the new NX class warp-5 starships. The old warp-1.5 freighters are becoming more and more obsolete, and are driven more and more to the edges of explored space. This is dangerous area, with early Romulan harassment, as well as Xindi actions as part of the Temporal Cold War. Bart by now was a full-fledged pilot/quartermaster himself, while his parents had retired planetside. It was during one of those edge-of-known-space freight runs that Bart's life changed. Later analysis showed their trajectory passed close to a neutron star just below the Schwarzschild limit, and _something_ happened, but the final result was that the freighter disappeared. Finally, the ship was considered 'missing, presumed dead'.
That is, until in the 2210's a scientific mission to a new black hole discovered wreck in a wide orbit around it. What they found was a piece of the old freighter, with Bart still hanging in the pilot's chair. Seemingly dead, but not damaged in any way despite having been exposed to the hard vacuum for half a century. The science crew recovered his body, intent on giving him a proper burial when to their surprise he started showing signs of life when he was exposed to breathable atmosphere. They rushed him to Starfleet Medical, intent on helping him recover, as well as figuring out what had happened. Bart was subjected to a battery of tests, while he himself was bewildered by this new time he found himself in. For him, there had been no time between when something hit the freighter to when he woke up aboard the science vessel.
It took time, but they finally found that something had attached itself to Bart, some kind of symbiont, partially time-phased with Bart. There were analogies to both the interspatial parasites that had invested Captain Jonathan Archer, as well as to the Trill symbionts. There seemed to be links between the symbiont and neural area's in Bart's brain, but as far as anybody could determine, there seems to be no active communication between Bart and the symbiont. However, several incidents did confirm that the symbiont was aware of its and Bart's surroundings, and took action to safeguard its carrier.
The running theory is that the symbiont's time-phased capabilities stopped Bart's personal timeline between his disappearance in the 2150's and 2210's to protect him from dying, and even back in a habitable environment he seemed to age slower. Of course, Bart was confused on what had happened, followed by shock, and mourning about all the people he knew that had passed away in the mean time. There was also the adjustment he had to make about now living together with another entity. On one hand, it had saved his life, on the other, it didn't seem to do much more than just sit there. In the end, he spent most of that decade re-adjusting; to his new situation, to this new 'future', to his new 'guest'. Earth was his home base for a decade, as he relearned his skills in the then modern setting, was examined oft, did his own investigation on what had happened to him and what this symbiont exactly is.
It was early in the 2220's that he noticed himself spacing out more and more. In fact, it was observed that he would go into suspended animation for longer and longer periods. Finally, when he had been 'frozen' for a week, it became clear that there was nothing they could do to stop it. So, Bart was faced with the unpleasant prospect of 'time-freezing' again, uncertain whether he would come out of it like he had before. After counselling he was able to overcome most of his fears and make plans for the future.
In cooperation with Starfleet, he became a living time capsule. They tried to plan for many occasions, from short freezes to long freezes to even his death. So it was that one day in 2222, Bart blinked, and the next moment he found himself lying on a bed, attached to a whole bunch of monitors. When the orderlies rushed in, he was told it was now 2271. He had made another 50-year or so jump.
This second jump kind of set the pattern. After awakening, he would take a few years to catch up. Both physically and mentally, as well as (re-)learning all the changes over time. During this, he would also meet with historians to give them a first hand account of his times. Once he was readjusted, he joined Starfleet. Partially out of a sense of repaying for the care they had taking during his 50-years sleep (he didn't want to be in anyone's debt), partially because he liked being on a starship, and partially because it was a way of searching for more information about his condition and his symbiont.
So he lived his life, until close to the end of the 2280's, he started to 'freeze' again. He retired from active duty, and having made the same deal with Starfleet, waited for his time-jump. Now having experienced this two times, he was a lot less fearful of the prospect, but it was still weird to go to bed one decade, and wake up nearly half a century later. It was Christmas Eve, 2329. The next decade was similar to the last one he lived through, until he again experienced the onset of the freezing. So, after a fourth freeze, he awoke in 2389, two years after the destruction of Romulus.
Much had happened in the mean time. The Federation had fought two wars, one with the Borg, one with the Dominion. The Delta quadrant had been explored. Peace with the Klingons had been made, but was now on shaky feet again. Space had become both larger spatially, as smaller emotionally. It is in this environment that Bart is now assigned to the NXI-Nimitz. After the by now customary two years relearning period and two years of service in Starfleet, this new assignment is a feather in his cap.

Personal timeline
2132 0 born in orbit around Alpha Centauri aboard the UMC Hermes
2154 22 disappeared on a freight run near the edge of then known space

2211 22 discovered as a time-frozen survivor, spends most of the decade readjusting
2222 33 starts to become time-frozen again, arranges for long-term care by Starfleet

2271 33 second unfreezing, spends two years catching up, then join Starfleet, V'Ger incident
2280 42 freezes again

2329 42 third unfreezing, is on ship at Omicron Theta, discovery of Data
2341 54 freezes again

2389 54 fourth unfreezing, quadrant is in upheaval after destruction of Romulus
2393 58 now
Service Record 2276 graduates boot camp
2279 honorable discharge


2393 assigned Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Nimitz-NXI