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Senior Chief Petty Officer Logan Sutler

Name Logan Percival Sutler

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 82 kgs
Hair Color Brown (Greying)
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Rugged and toned, Logan isn't a complete paragon of physical fitness, but he keeps himself in good shape. He tends to appear messy and unkempt, due to his laziness, combined with indifference. He keeps his hair cut short, and usually doesn't bother to shave until his face is in violation of regulations.

He's recently noticed signs of greying, but hasn't elected to do anything about it. Has a tattoo saying Dvořák on his left wrist.


Spouse Xingzhai Xiao - 26 (Freighter Captain - Divorced) Helena Forrest - 37 (Earth Senator - Divorced) Yoklo K'mtet - 61 (Actress - Divorced) Captain V'Len - 103 (Divorced)
Children None (To his knowledge)
Father Unknown (Suspected Humanoid)
Mother Virginia Sutler - 72 (Attorney - Retired)
Brother(s) Manny Darrow - 38 (Half, confirmed by DNA comparison, Stardate 77622.8)
Others (Possible?)
Sister(s) None (Possible?)
Other Family Logan Sutler - 95 (Maternal Grandfather, Attorney - Retired)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Logan has toned it down a little in the last few years, but he is still a self-absorbed, womanising narcissist. Logan is very intelligent, but knows it all too well. He uses his intelligence and it's value to the Federation to justify most of the decisions he makes, including his laziness and his inability to treat people with respect, unless he wants something from them. Although he has a keen interest in how people tick, he prefers not to be social, except when a person catches his attention. He hates boring people.

Since his transfer to Engineering, he has discovered a slightly more explosive demeanor under stress, and a slightly fouler bent to his vocabulary.

He is trying to do better, but old habits die hard.
Strengths & Weaknesses Brilliantly minded, there aren't many problems Logan can't solve, given enough time.
He is quite physically fit, meaning he can handle most stressful situations with relative ease, and is always ready for action.

As he is a jerk, most people find him hard to relate to and work with, which can make situations involving others tense and problematic.
His tendency to wise off gets him in trouble.
His fear of Deep Water can also be a hindrance.
His insensitivity can isolate him from those under his command.
Ambitions Like most scientists, Logan is driven by his curiosity to know everything he possibly can.

He will still go out of his way to find a good time, and plans to have as many as possible.
Hobbies & Interests Logan enjoys music when relaxing, as well as piloting of almost any variety to calm him down. Though he rarely has time to play, he enjoys most sports, so long as he has a decent opponent. Whenever he is on a new world, he enjoys a decent pub crawl. Logan recently enjoys holodeck programs dealing with the James Kirk era.

He has been spending more time than is usual studying, and is found at least two nights of every week in the ships library.

Running harsh but educational drills at all hours with his engineers has become an interest of his, both as a motivational technique and a form of entertainment.

Personal History Logan's birth was the result of unusual circumstances. His mother, a civil liberties lawyer, was injured in the crash of a civilian liner, awakening several months later with no memory of what had happened, and the discovery that she was pregnant. She gave birth to Logan three months later, naming him after her father.

The unusual parentage Logan was gifted with resulted in some unusual traits. Tests confirmed that his father was not entirely human, awarding him a number of strange abilities, such as an unusually advanced scientific mind, incredibly accurate intuition and understanding of other beings. It was suspected however, that his father, whoever he was gave Logan his personality.

Most of his childhood and adolescence Logan kept only a few close friends, and excelled at his studies, though he was by no means a genius, and often did not achieve his full potential due to laziness. He studied psychology, biology and chemistry, but his hatred of mathematics caused him to barely scrape through his classes, though he did, if only just, succeed.

Once Logan graduated he entered Starfleet Academy, undertaking the Science Path, and in spite of his hatred of numbers, passed in the upper quartile of his class. Now a qualified Science Officer, Sutler moved out towards the stars.

As an Ensign, Logan was passed from ship to ship, no Chief of Science able to take him for more than a year at a time, due to his constant insubordination and second guessing of decisions. After several years of this, Starfleet decided it would be easier to appoint him Chief of Science somewhere, rather than shuffling him throughout the fleet.

Logan was assigned to the USS Merlin, where he discovered he had a brother, a Security Officer from Alpha Centauri named Manny Darrow, serving aboard the Merlin. Darrow and Logan were proven to have come from the same biological father, though no trace of him has yet been found.

After three dozen complaints in the first couple of days of his assignment as Chief of Science aboard the USS Merlin, Logan accepted the position of Liaison Officer for Starbase 47 on Seabase Triton, when faced with the option of it or the USS Garlagg, an Engineering ship crewed almost entirely by Tellarites.

After a year's service on the Seabase, Logan was finally permitted transfer back to a Starship, and ended up aboard the ominously named USS Ragnarok. After the Ragnarok's disastrous first mission, Logan took his first extended leave of absence in his entire Starfleet career. His exact activities during this period are not known by Starfleet.

When he returned, he requested a junior science position aboard a Starship. As an ex-wife owed him a favor, she was able to use her contact with a friend aboard the ship's senior staff to arrange the transfer. Logan was transferred to the USS Sojourner, and was astounded by the opportunity he'd been given.

Logan seemed a changed man during the Sojourner missions, inspired with almost religious devotion to learn everything he could about the propulsion technology, as well as the myriad phenomena they discovered in distant areas of the Galaxy.

Logan's career, as it had been so far, consisted more of problem solving and crisis averting. He was the man unscrewing consoles and realigning polarities, working extensively with Engineering departments that grew slowly sicker of him. His achievements included the dissolution of the LOKI artificial intelligence network, the prevention of the Lira supernova, the resealing of the Klhanian rift, and the prevention of the Pryon extra-dimensional incursion.

After the ship's crew was transferred, he returned with them to the USS Nimitz, and also his old ways of behavior. It was halfway during this assignment that Logan faced his most severe reprimand yet, he was expelled from Starfleet Sciences by special order of the Science Council.

It was discovered that Logan had been performing unsafe procedures on himself to test their efficacy. He claimed perfect health and awareness of his risks, but was expelled nonetheless. He requested to be permitted readmission into Starfleet Academy to study another field, and his wish was granted. With the agreement, came the condition that Logan be stripped of Officer rank, and never permitted to reattain it. Starfleet cited his many achievements, but really, they did not want the chance of losing him to private industry.

After six months of mandatory leave Logan re-enrolled in Engineering, and discovered that while he understood every theory component inside and out, the manual labour required of an Engineer would require him to change himself. He became less lazy (on duty) and adjusted quite radically to suit the needs of an Engineer, a decision his Counselor at the time described as 'unlikely'.

Upon graduation, he was assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Fhajad. He served well during his year on the Fhajad, but after constant second-guessing and general Logan-ness, he was promoted to Chief Engineer, and reassigned to a new post aboard the USS Nimitz, a ship he'd served on before.
Service Record Age 0 - Born

Age 18 - Entered Starfleet Academy

Age 22 - Left Starfleet Academy, Graduating in Sciences

Age 23 - Assigned: Science Officer, USS Qatar

Age 24 - Reassigned: Science Officer, USS Gaia

Age 24 - Reassigned: Science Officer, USS Paris

Age 25 - Reassigned: Science Officer, USS Shogun

Age 26 - Reassigned: Science Officer, USS Pegasus-C

Age 27 - Assigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Halo

Age 27 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS California

Age 27 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Hannibal

Age 27 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Chernobyl

Age 28 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Roslin

Age 29 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS McCoy

Age 29 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, Deep Space Five

Age 30 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Sparta

Age 31 - Assigned: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Merlin

Age 31 - Promoted: Chief Science Officer, USS Merlin

Age 31 - Reassigned: Liaison Officer, Seabase Triton

Age 32 - Reassigned: Chief Science Officer, USS Ragnarok

Age 32 - Extended Leave of Absence

Age 35 - Returns from Extended Leave of Absence

Age 35 - Reassigned: Science Officer, USS Sojourner

Age 36 - Reassigned: Science Officer, USS Nimitz

Age 36 - Expelled from Starfleet Science

Age 36 - Re-enrolls in Starfleet Academy: Accelerated Engineering

Age 38 - Graduates with honors

Age 38 - Reassigned: Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Fhajad

Age 39 - Reassigned: USS Nimitz