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Lieutenant Ravi

Name Ravi

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.65m
Weight 54kg
Hair Color Back
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Ravi is a slender Cardassian woman with long black hair and deep brown eyes. She looks younger than she is, but that often works in her favor. Her hands are narrow and relatively long, despite their small size.

Almost everything about her is small, except her smile. Her smile is contagious, and almost always in evidence, despite every reason for it to have disappeared.


Father Haeric
Mother Tuka (Deceased)
Sister(s) Veddi (Presumed Dead)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ravi is a complicated bundle of emotion, opinion, and experience. Her childhood and early adolescent experiences have heavily influenced who she is and what she believes, but her cultural heritage also plays a heavy role in her belief system.

The young woman is a genuinely happy person, with few problems with her conscience or with her past. Among those few problems are a white-hot rage against the Dominion, and insults toward her people. Although she is a Starfleet officer, and takes her oaths seriously, she is first and foremost a Cardassian.

Ravi believes in her people, and holds strictly to her ideals, which often clash with the accepted norms within the Federation. She believes that conflict, armed and otherwise, is a means to an end and is justified as long as it follows rules. Her studies into conflict, and her life experience has given her the opinion that conflict is not only justified, but necessary--especially in her own culture.

That does not mean that she is an angry or violent person. Far from it. She thinks through almost every action, but she does not try to reign in her anger or frustration. Rather, she releases it and allows the resolution to come when and where it will.

She is a kind and friendly person, but has never feared to speak her mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ravi is a unique negotiator. Her methods may not be effective in every situation, but they have proven surprisingly successful. Her dedication to her job, and her undeniably good relationships with her Commanding Officers have helped her to rise to the position she now occupies.

The young Cardassian is also an excellent marksman. Having grown up in a militaristic society, she was taught to fire weapons from an early age. Her proficiency only grew with Federation training. She has very little hand-to-hand skill or training, but she can deal a painful blow to the groin or gouge out eyes as well as anyone.

Her weaknesses are a more complicated lot.

She vowed never to be afraid after she was forced hide in a closet with a plasma rifle and heard Dominion soldiers butcher her mother. Nothing has even come close to comparing to the fear she felt then. Some people might say that Ravi suffers from PTSD from many of her childhood experiences, and it might even be true to some extent. Ravi doesn't see it that way.

She hates the Dominion with a passion, and will not even allow herself to hear anything good about it. Similarly, she will not tolerate criticisms of the Cardassian Union. Although she recognizes that many of the decisions and changes in leadership led to disaster, she does not believe that the militaristic society was wrong. In fact, she supports the old system, prior to the occupation of Bajor, and someday hopes that the Union can recover enough to return to a position of power.

Her pride in her people and her life philosophies have caused more trouble for her than she would like to admit, and more than she thinks is deserved. The prejudices of the Dominion War are still strong in many places in the Federation, and Ravi does not deal well with prejudice whether it is overt or not.
Ambitions Ravi wants to have a home to return to one day. She wants to rebuild the bookstore where she grew up and be able to take her father back home, and help him return to the home where he raised her.

She has few career ambitions, and everything she does is considered as part of her greater agenda.
Hobbies & Interests Having grown up as the daughter of a rare bookseller, Ravi loves the written word. She grew up helping her father dust and clean volumes that were often over a hundred years old. Although electronic readers were common, and few modern books were actually printed, Ravi knew and loved the scent of aged paper. To this day, she carries with her nearly a dozen books, most of which her father brought from Cardassia.

Because of her passion for reading, she believes that most holonovels are pointless and cheap replacements for the more enlightening practice of reading.

She also enjoys spending social time with others and is not above fraternization whenever she feels like it. She doesn't have any kind of agenda, and certainly doesn't want a family yet, but she believes passion is wonderful wherever you find it.

Personal History Ravi was born Godaryat 28 Naiyut 2363. Cardassia Prime, at that time, was a place where there was the peaceful security of military law. Although Bajor was being occupied by Cardassian forces and the resistance was severe, little of that conflict touched Ravi's home, except for the poor public opinion of Bajorans.

The first few years of Ravi's life were not that different from most human experiences. She learned to walk and talk and feel pride in her people. She didn't really understand that there were really other species out in the universe. Her ideas at that young age were completely insular, gained entirely from her parents and the talk of adults around her.

Although she doesn't remember the uneasy peace treaty signed in 2366 or the fragile armistice negotiated by Captain Edward Jellico a year later, she picked up the mood around her. The Federation was trying to take advantage, to reduce the great Cardassian Union to a domesticated pet.

When Terok Nor was abandoned, and taken by Bajoran forces and Starfleet, the climate changed drastically. Through the next two years a peace treaty was grudgingly pulled from Central Command, ceasing aggression between the Cardassian Union and Bajor. Only a year later, on the eve of Ravi's ninth birthday, civilians angered at Central Command's continued concessions to Federation demands, overthrew the governing body and placed Gul Dukat in power.

Dukat worked for nearly a year before revealing the Union's alliance with the Dominion. He promised a return to power and glory, and almost universally, the people around Ravi supported the agenda. Boys only years older than the young woman enlisted to help the war effort, and Ravi was caught up in the fervor.

The next two years were filled with reports of battles and casualties. Word also filtered through that Gul Dukat and the Cardassian Union were being marginalized in the alliance. More and more reports listed heavy Cardassian casualties in battles that didn't need to be fought. But still, the people stood behind Dukat, hoping that after the war was won, the Union would once again attain glory.

That hope proved vain. The Dominion forced retreat, and occupied Cardassia in much the same way the Union had occupied Bajor. The air of unrest and anger rose to levels that even the powerful propaganda machine could not quell.

When Ravi was twelve, another civilian uprising occurred, only three years after the last. This time the goal was to overthrow the Dominion. The Founder in command of Dominion forces ordered the Jem'Hadar under her command to carry out a genocidal cleansing.

Ravi's parents hid her and her sister in their store, and waited for the soldiers to come, as they knew they would. For hours they stood, unflinching as they heard screams and explosions from all around. People fled, running down the streets, and Ravi's parents still stood firm with hands on rifles.

When the Dominion soldiers finally appeared, the two opened fire, slaughtering as many of the mindless soldiers as they could. The barrage only held them off for a few minutes. When the fire stopped, the soldiers held Ravi's father and made him watch as they gutted his wife.

Ravi's sister, Veddi, broke from hiding and ran into the street. She was chased by two Jem'Hadar and was never found. Shortly after the slow, painful death of his wife, Haeric knew he was next. He watched the knife approach his stomach with a tightly clamped jaw.

The knife stopped and the soldiers dropped him and left, without a word. The order to cease had been given. The news the next day reported over 800 million dead across Cardassia, slain at the hands of the Dominion. The small family, now only half as large, held a funeral service for their lost mother and sister.

The treaty signed later that year effectively disarmed and destroyed everything that Ravi had been taught was true of the Cardassian Union. It also destroyed her family's livelihood. Even in the midst of war, rich collectors would buy historic books. Now, in the depression of recovery, nobody was buying.

Rent on the storefront was overwhelming, and after two years scrimping by on savings, the store was foreclosed. The small family was thrust into the street with nothing but two crates of exceptionally rare books and whatever clothing they could carry.

In 2377 Ravi and her father moved to Earth. They used several of the books they had managed to keep in trade for visas and a new store. On Earth, where war had touched relatively little, the tiny shop prospered. There were still threats and hate mail, but by and large, the two made a good working living.

Ravi attended an Earth-based high school and made plenty of friends. Her school career led her to Communication. That field was massive and presented so many options that Ravi had no idea what she wanted to do. That is, until Starfleet recruiters visited the school during her senior year. She listened, studied, and finally decided to apply for Federation citizenship and join Starfleet. She passed the entrance exams with flying colors, and entered Starfleet Academy.

Her time in Starfleet Academy was spent having a lot of fun. The physical training, though strenuous, was nothing Ravi could not handle. The coursework was relatively easy, and she hardly had to try at all to have a very active social life. She made many friends. Her senior year was the most difficult of any, due to her insistence on taking advanced Diplomatic courses.

Eventually, however, she graduated with high marks. She was assigned to starbase 443 as a Diplomatic Officer, and served there with distinction. Although she did not recieve credit for any of the situations she worked on, her department chair recommended her for a promotion and advancement to an assistant department chair position.

Her promotion and transfer were approved and before long she was serving aboard the USS Gervais as the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer. Her time aboard was good for her, and the patrol along the Cardassian border allowed her to have contact with her people fairly regularly. She managed to defuse several tense situations, and moderated nearly a dozen crew disputes.

Her achievements aboard Gervais gave her a chance to move to the USS Marshal. She served well for two years before being recommended for promotion to full Lieutenant and an assignment as the Chief Diplomatic Officer aboard.

Her time aboard Marshal was well spent, and she served admirably. Her unique opinions and view of the Federation allowed her to talk down several anti-Federation groups and to negotiate with other space empires.

After two more years she was offered another position aboard the USS Nimitz. Most of Marshal's work had been around the Klingon and Romulan empires. In an effort to expand her horizons and the number of contacts she could develop, she took the position aboard Nimitz.
Service Record 2381: Entered Starfleet Academy
2385: Graduated Starfleet Academy
2385: Promoted to Ensign
2385: Assigned to Starbase 443; Diplomatic Officer
2387: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2387: Assigned to USS Gervais; Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
2389: Assigned to USS Marshal; Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
2391: Promoted to Lieutenant
2391: Assigned to USS Marshal; Chief Diplomatic Officer
2393: Assigned to USS Nimitz; Chief Diplomatic Officer