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Petty Officer 1st Class Ibis Xeri

Name Ibis Soraya Xeri

Position Science Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 31 (33)

Physical Appearance

Height 4' 11"
Weight 105 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description With trademark dark Betazoid eyes and dark hair contrasting the fair skin.
Vertically challenged.
Generally looking bright or content.

Keeps her long dark locks all bound up and out of the way on duty.
Smells of the herbs she cares for everyday.
Dirty, short nails from her work with plants.
Wears a pendant, a stone that has a pale blue shine. It is a telepaticly imprinted 'encyclopedia' of the Vorinn.
On her left hand is a pale set of fluid markings made of a curious kind of reflective light ink. It's not as obvious as most tattoo ink and can go wholly unnoticed without looking closely. The rune-like markings are Ancient Etraennaian and mean Care, Self-Control, and Self-Sacrifice. She has a similar circlet design around her upper left arm made of Etraennaian script that says Peace, Hope, Mercy.


Father Yedrin
Mother Prinella
Brother(s) Morano (Morty), Shane, Gage, Palen, Arrice (Rice)
Other Family Sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews on Betazed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ibis has transformed over the years, beginning as a carefree and awkward teen and being helped to develop by friends and mentors in her time with the crew of the Nimitz and Sojourner. She was trained extensively by Commander deVos and his scientists and also guided by many other superior officers. Although she still believes in hopefulness, she is not quite so naive any longer. She is learning to readjust to her newly gained perspectives and see her universe a little more clearly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Heart- Ibis is all heart, generally speaking. She tries to identify with others and strives to understand them. She has good people skills and makes far more friends than enemies. It's a strength in many instances, but often a vulnerability as well.

Telepathy- Ibis has grown a better control of her telepathy so that is is more often a tool and less often a liability.

Creativity- Ibis likes to ponder around things and to play with everything. She can come up with many imaginative ideas although they may or may not be helpful. Sometimes they are just the key to the problem at hand, other times her creative mind only leads her to distraction. She can miss the obvious while she's pondering circles around it.

Sciences- She's gifted with working with plant life and has good general science training.

General training- Ibis is a qualified shuttle pilot. She is training to be an expert at sensors and her astrometrics knowledge makes her a decent navigator when needed. Ibis has some basic understanding of physical sciences that make her decent at assisting engineers and operations officers, although not with their more in depth systems knowledge. She's familiar with the basic tools. Ibis keeps up with a regular PT and has basic training on phasers and rifles. She has people experience and can perform a lot of the operational skills pertaining to training and maintaining personnel operations.
Ambitions Ibis would like to continue her career in starfleet as it has provided her all manner of excellent opportunities in science and in her life experience. She is especially interested in one day achieving the position of Chief of the Boat.
Hobbies & Interests Ibis used to love quiet hobbies and still keeps a sketch diary and daydreams. But now she is more interested in the world around her and spends more time with fellow crew members. She's always up for learning a new game, and is particularly a lover of the outdoors. When on tour, she makes up for it now by using the holodeck or spending time in Astrometrics, imagining the display over head to be the night sky. She has limited musical abilities. She used to love adventure holodeck games. She can still be talked into one with friends, but aside from some one-on-one battle projections and racer gaming, she mostly finds that life fulfills all her needs for wild and crazy adventures anymore.

She's also learned to dance and to distil her own wine.

Personal History Ibis is the sixth child. Her parents never really intended to have so large a family, but her mother, Prinella, was desperate to have a daughter in keeping with old Betazoid matriarchal sentiments. Her brothers have mostly grown beyond resentment about their mother's preferences, understanding the social context, except for the youngest, Arrice, who continues to begrudge her the favoritism. Ibis has nieces and nephews via two of the brothers who have moved back to Betazed, where they grew up most of their youth before Mr. Xeri was promoted in his company to a VP job on Earth.

Ibis had a mostly carefree life in her youth. She spent it happily and sometimes frivolously, afforded almost everything for her personal interests and exibiting a free spirit prone to lots of daydreams. She lived largely on whimsey, although she exhibited some discipline when she was determined to master something, such as trying to play woodwind instruments to accompany her mother (Prinella being an accomplished, if flighty, symphony performer on the cello and other stringed instruments) or learning to ice skate, or succeeding at her school studies.

Although quite friendly, Ibis had a rocky social life in school. She was so trusting as to bend over backwards for her friends, often to be overlooked or used in her friendships. At the root of this was often a mistrust of her as a Betazoid. But she was poorly skilled at isolating and reading people outside of her family whose thoughts were largely confusing to her and made many gaffes. In addition, she was incredibly and embarrassingly clumsy as a young adult, so that any natural beauty she gained in adolescence was greatly offset by near childishness and lack of grace. Her mother was more than a little interested in pairing Ibis off with a young man who had access to titles, and her high society connections often led to parties and engagements that Ibis grew to distaste tremendously, all of them leading to terrible embarrassments on her part when she found herself passed over or else made the fool that she was by much more privileged and socially acclimated peers.

Eager to make her own life, she latched onto a series of documentaries aired on the holo-net about a group of traveling xeno-biologists. She considered applying to universities to work on a degree, but felt sick at the idea of more schooling, not because of the classes so much as the idea of campus life which would promise more of the exact same she hoped to leave behind. So she came up with a better idea, one that would put her right into the field- To enlist in Starfleet.

Her mother was shocked and disagreed vehemently with her decision while, to Prinella's chagrin, her father was quietly encouraging, feeling it would be a wonderful opportunity for his daughter's growth. Ibis went through basic, and then through an additional specialist training in the sciences, after which she assigned as botanist to the USS Nimitz, a seemingly oddball assignment on a warship, but one that was none-the-less accommodated by the refitting of a cargobay to allow for some research and specimen collections. Her department head, deVos, especially took the young Ibis under wing and made sure her training was varied and well rounded, including sensor work, general sciences, rotations in physical and chemical sciences, basic flight training, and essential operations. Even though she elected to remain in life sciences, she was shaping up much as her father expected Starfleet would help her to.

But she was still flighty at heart. She fell in love with a ship's doctor more than a decade her senior. The relationship was complicated by another on again off again long term relationship on Dr. Akhzouri's part, and by Ibis' naivete at the time. Much the optimist, she always hoped the complications would just go away in time and tried to carry on as if they weren't an issue.

Ibis spent a few months on leave, working as an intern with the Daystrom Institute on a long term project to catalog life in the Maxima sector. She made many new friends, including some secretly entrenched in a project of their own, to assist starving peoples in prewarp civilizations. Tenderhearted through and through, Ibis allowed herself to be dawn in and contributed personal research to the development of new crop strains and soil ecology studies specific to the needs of this underground movement. Her actions would later catch up to her, although thanks to lawyering and courtroom logistics, she was let off the hook as small fish since it might have risked the case against the leaders of the underground movement to lump in some of the smaller actors such as Ibis. Although she was very nearly court-martialed for flying in the face of the Prime Directive, but thanks to poor evidence handling, the prosecution's eagerness to put away the leaders of the effort, and a very excellent brief written by her attorney, Ibis was let off without possibility of re-trial.

It was all a fresh controversy in the UFP over the Prime Directive, and Ibis used her fifteen minutes of fame to fuel a more public operation she christened the Mercy Directive. Although she began it, it seemed to take on a life of it's own, eventually becoming run by a board of which she was named an honorary member. Their main goals now are as an educational tool which sponsors small symposiums and streams speakers, as well as a political action group to rally UFP officials to make legal exceptions to the Prime Directive which would allow for legalized and managed low impact relief to prewarp civilizations. The group itself does not participate in any illegal activity, although some of it's strongest proponents and most active members are under suspicion for such or have served sentencing in the past for violations of the directive. Ibis occasionally makes statements or comments on the net discussions, but stays minimal as she has been warned by Starfleet against what could be construed to be a movement of political protest, historically disfavored among military personnel.

Meanwhile Ibis pursued her career primarily, growing more and more glued to her family aboard the Nimitz. An odd and fun mix of folks each of which she gained some new insight from. By a fellow first assignment Crewmate, Sebastiaan, she was reminded of prudence and caution as he weighed ever option in his day. In Andrew Foxwell, the fighter pilot, she found a playful older brother who could always find the fun in life and they had more than one impromptu adventure over the years. In Commander de Vos she found a genuinely interested mentor. She found the distrustful and scrapper personality of her roommate Corrine Forester as a foil to her own, sometimes complimentary, but othertimes requiring Ibis to speak her own mind and go her own way. She especially grew to love those who were seemingly least lovable of the crew, including Boris Kerlin the crusty old Russian Chief Engineer, and the Marine CO aloud and demanding man named Porter Wallace. Natural empathy made her almost magnetized to their inner pains that both fueled their bitterness and yet made them vulnerable. Although she was easily toyed with by the womanizing XO Orlando Taylor, Ibis' naviete was outgrown enough to know better than to be taken advantage of and she came to even have some compassion for him in spite of how others may have seen him. All of that contrasted by the all-business family man of Orlando Taylor's cousin who preceded him in the job. Ibis was often known for having casual friendships with the officers which was rare among the enlisted crew, especially at her paygrade. She even came to be personally encouraged by Admiral Reardon who commanded the Nimitz for a time. Ibis chose to share quarters with Dr. Nadhir Akhzouri. But moving in together finally made her face the things she had chosen to overlook in the relationship. As much as they truly did love each other, neither could overcome their new, separate, career callings and Ibis had to come to accept that she'd been wrong about Nadhir overcoming his past love in favor of her.

Some of her most intense adventures included a strange awakening on an ice moon far from Federation space, where Major Wallace was comatose under the affect of an alien neuro virus contracted when clawed by a cave dwelling large cat he was defending her from. Although he was afterwards given medical treatment, once he was transferred to Earth for advanced care, Ibis was no longer able to find out any more about his condition. They continued to encounter other species in the region and acclimate to their inter planetary politics. Ibis received a pendant from a telepathic race which was essentially an imprintable storage device, loaded with much of their common scientific data, like an encyclopedia, but only navigable to telepaths. She found herself in another situation with the Prime Directive when caught in a predestination time loop where she was sent back thousands of years in the past to a dying world by an advanced alien technology that imbued her and other away team members with innate powers to terraform the planet at will. She lived two years as essentially a nature goddess, almost forgetting who she was, but feeling an incredible loneliness. She lost herself almost completely in the acts of creation (although she knew it was not strictly creation, since it required her to use existing living matter to multiply, enliven, and transform) and isolated herself emotionally. She was further frustrated by the fact that nothing she created could really overcome the problem of evil and death and any hope she had for creating an Eden had to be compromised to account for survival including predation and defense. When the portal home mysteriously aligned, their calling fulfilled so that they could return, Ibis longed to go back, hoping to exchange incredible power for the friendship and intimacy and simplicity of a past life she remembered.

Even though she returned, and was mercifully kept from court-martial thanks to Captain Diaz' tendency to leniency in the rules, she could never really 'go back'. She was forever changed. And then there was Romulus, lost in the blink of an eye when it seemed it should have been a crisis averted. She threw herself into the recovery and relief efforts, and even became part of the damage research efforts, collecting and interpreting data. Still more violence and political unrest followed and Ibis found herself in the middle of an act of terrorism at a conference on the effects of the Nova Hobus star.

Shortly after, she decided that she wanted to turn her inner struggles into something worthwhile.
To try to feel less distant from others, she found help to place her Etranian memories of demi-godess life into the Vorinn pendant, which she stored in safe keeping. She has only a vague sense now that she was lost in a portal for a time and returned, and aside from that just what's on official record. She took a temporary assignment as Scientist's Chief Mate on a deep space explorer for four years. There she was responsible for all the training and functional day-to-day minutia of the Enlisted science personnel. Although she continued to practice botany, she felt more purpose in her work with people and decided she would pursue it with an eye towards becoming Chief of the Boat.

Today Ibis is a mature woman, with complex and sometimes conflicting passions. She continues to follow out her career and gain much fulfillment from it, being professional while simultaneously seeking opportunities to let out her more playful impulses. She maintains her connections with the Mercy Directive and her interest in outreach work. Her optimist default is tempered by the realities of experience, and yet she still can't seem to help it. And even though her failures in love have left her somewhat broken, she remains a hopeful romantic. She likes her quiet hobbies and can sometimes need the comfort of keeping to herself, but still thrives on interaction with others.

Her mother still has high hopes for marrying her daughter into Betazoid society. Ibis has come to accept her mother for who she is and to take it all in stride. She's still somewhat of an odd duck at cultured gatherings but, having come so much more into her own, almost captivatingly so.

Sometimes she has vague feelings of memories that she can't quite grasp and doesn't quite know why.
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