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Lieutenant Commander Boris Kerlin

Name Boris Grigorievich Kerlin

Position Developmental Technology R&D Consultant

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Black and few whites
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Boris Kerlin isn't a very impressive man at first glance. His face is marked by the years and hardships.


Spouse Vanessa Kerlin (deceased)
Father Gregory Kerlin
Mother Paula Kerlin
Brother(s) Yury Kerlin (civilian)
Other Family A long lost uncle called Valentin Kerlin that disappeared looking for some kind of treasure in the gamma quadrant.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Boris is not an easy man to get along. He never felt comfortable around people, preferring the solace of the machines, who only speak if programmed to it. He's grumpy, rude and suspicious of non-engineering types. He's very good at his job and doesn't like people barging on his department. Deep down, Boris is not a bad person, he has a lot difficulty dealing with people in general. He would do whatever he needs to deal with a crisis. His loyalty to his crew is a silent one. Only observing closely one could see his feelings. He's known by most of the crew (behind his back) as "Crazy Boris" or "Old Man Kerlin", but no one denies his skill, which explains why he hasn't be kicked from Starfleet yet.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is an engineering genius. He can name every piece of a starship with eyes closed and can put them to work at top of efficiency. Usually, he keeps redesigning equipments, considering most of them were "made by chimps."

Like any genius, his difficulty lays dealing with people. He is grumpy, bad tempered; an irascible man. Its very difficult for him to express his emotions and the beatings he took in life made him create a distance from people.
Ambitions He's doing what he loves. He has no desires to command. But he can take command if the situation demands. He doesn't like of the idea of dealing of a lot of people, but, he understands that as an necessary evil. All he wants is a captain can accept who he is and what he does best.
Hobbies & Interests He loves Classic Music and building holodeck programs. He doesn't use the holodeck, he only design the program then gives to another person to use. He started learning Aikido to better deal with situations where violence is necessary. Also, he drinks 'real' vodka not the synthetic kind which he calls as "poison", but he never drinks before or when his on duty.

He paints secretly, being able, using an alias, to expose some of his work in a gallery. That was one of his wife requests that Boris honored, despite his own reservations.

Personal History Boris was born at Moscow, Earth in 2329. He grew up watching his father doing designs of electronic devices and others appliances. His love for engineering came from there. His father didn't approve Starfleet for unknown reasons and when Boris joined the academy, in 2347, his father stopped talking to him.

That hurt Boris more than he would admit, but at the academy he buried himself at his studies. He was soon known by his abilities as engineer and his bad temper. He discussed with his teachers more than once, when he disagreed with some opinion. All his teachers knew the young man was a genius, someone that was always thinking outside box, but his manners and lack of respect to personnel outside the realm of engineerin made them doubt if he would go forward with his career.

Still, he graduated first of his class in 2351, majoring in Advanced Engineering and minoring in Sciences. He was first assigned to DS2, working as ensign. Due his poor social abilities - Calling his superior officers "a bunch of monkeys that never would know the difference between a Warp Core from a tree" certainly didn't help - he spent 12 years working with the same rank and position. It was an injustice, but, he learned to cope with it. His work always was above the specs, his imaginative way of solving problems were genious and it were the only thing that made him escape court martial. There wasn't a man with enough skill to replace him.

One day, in 2363, he met Vanessa Powers. They fell in love quickly enough and soon they were married. Vanessa was an Operations Officer and soon she was assigned to the USS Surak. Boris transferred to the Surak to stay close to his wife. It was at Surak that Boris spent his happiest times. He soon was promoted and got the position of CEO. He and Vanessa stayed together for all kind of crisis and happiness that a marriage could have. It was all Boris wanted for his life.

But, the Dominion War came and during a hard battle, in 2375, Vanessa was killed, after saving several of her crew members. Boris fell apart. He couldn't live without his wife. He transferred himself to DS12 and stayed there until 2383, mourning and tormenting his subordinates with his foul mood. But, the space called out to him. Deep down, his wife would want him to keep working and living his life. With that in mind he applied a transfer to the USS Nimitz.

After several adventures, Boris fell in love by the exotic Nimitz' Counselor Pyyr'l, who was part of an almost extinct race, the Val'oriate. The relationship grew for awhile, but, Pyyr'l missed her homeworld, her people and eventually left Boris to join an advanced race that reminded of her own home.

Boris still tried another relationship with a younger woman, but, in the end, he let it go, to pursue her happiness with someone younger with a bright road ahead.

Boris lives alone now, decided not get in new relationship ever again. But his heart stil can be mended, despite of his own beliefs.
Service Record 2347-2351 - Starfleet Academy
2351-2363 - Deep Space 2 - Ensign, working as an engineer officer.
2363-2375 - USS Surak - Promotion to Lieutenant and Posted as CEO
2376-2383 - Deep Space 12 - CEO - Lieutenant
2383-?? - USS Nimitz - CEO - promoted to Lieutenant Commander