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Lieutenant JG Korvin M'Rowl

Name Korvin M'Rowl

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93 meters
Weight 77 kilograms
Hair Color Golden Red
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Korvin is a Caitian, a member of a species of humanoid feline with fur, expressive triangular ears, pronounced muzzles, long tufted tails and digitigrade legs. Like most Caitians he is slim and lithe. His fur is a rich golden red that shines in the right kind of light, accented by bands of darker red brown across his ears, hands, feet, and the tip of his tail. His mane hangs down past his shoulder blades when loose but on duty he wears it pulled back and tucked up for reasons both practical and tactical.

A very active life has left him exceptionally fit however the unusual loose cut of his uniforms - a Starfleet concession to his race's morphology - conceal this for the most part and leave him looking somewhat smaller than he actually is. Though he is considered somewhat average looking by his own species, non-Caitians have been known to remark favorably upon his appearance. "Striking" is the word usually used. In fact the only thing more often described as such is his voice which is deep and resonant with purring or growling undertones, an artifact of a vocal structure not entirely suited to producing non-Caitian words.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Eridan M'Rowl (67)
Mother Vi'ven M'Rowl (66)
Brother(s) Kiph M'Rowl (44)
K'narr M'Rowl (40)
Sister(s) Tavri Ch'Karn (41)
Tessa M'Tsint (38)
Tali M'Rowl (33)
Other Family None of Note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Korvin is a staunchly practical creature that is in many ways a study opposites. On the one hand, he's a focused, driven, dedicated, disciplined officer with a broad range of experiences from various branches of starfleet and in foreign navies. He is possessed of a "whatever it takes" work ethic and an flair for innovation and improvisation that make him one of the most reliable tactical specialists around, if also highly unconventional and slightly controversial.

On the other hand, Korvin also has a sharp wit, a quick tongue, a wry sense of humor and a substantially lower than usual use for decorum and pomp. Few things are sacred in his presence when his CO isn't looking over his shoulder, and sometimes even then. While he does demand that his subordinates take their work as seriously as he does, he handles them with a light touch and a gentle smirk.

The one thing he absolutely does take seriously is loyalty. A holdover from his first career in the Marine Corps, he expects a lot from those under his command and he'll move stars from their courses to keep them safe.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths & Weaknesses
For better and for worse, Korvin is a product of the Dominion War which provided all of his formative experiences in Starfleet. Lessons learned in battles like the Fall of Betazed and the brutal, protracted Siege of AR-558 made him an agile, unconventional thinker, always ready to try new solutions to problems even if they flew in the face of conventional wisdom. The same environments taught him empathy for his fellow soldiers, the importance of the good bonding within a unit and the principle that the mission gets done come hell and high water. Those lessons followed him out of the Marine Corps and into Starfleet proper where he was quickly singled out for his ability to motivate, innovate and persevere in the face of problems that would confound officers and strain teams.

Unfortunately, the same traits that made him valuable and effective in an army at war make him something of a loose cannon in a fleet not at war. Put shortly, he's a bit of a maverick. He's accumulated several disciplinary actions in his six years in Starfleet and while they've never been enough to warrant his dismissal, they do easily explain why he hasn't advanced farther than he has. At issue in many of these incidents is his cavalier manner of interacting with both subordinates and superiors. What in a more moderate man might simply be an approachable nature has in Korvin translated into a distaste for formalities that can and sometimes does undermine discipline. Some of that may be attributable to a persistent wartime viewpoint, but in fairness some probably comes to his extensive non-Starfleet experience. It's instructive to note that although six of his nine years as ship's officer have been spent in Starfleet, only three of them have been spent on Starfleet ships or installations. Either way, there's no escaping the conclusion that he is, at best, an awkward fit at present on a Federation star ship.

His tendency to innovate and improvise can also be a somewhat explosive double edged sword. It's great... when it works. When it goes wrong, as it does, it frequently does so spectacularly. There was the time on the USS Trenton when an overcharged phaser array shorted out the power grid for six decks for the better part of two days. There was the time when, on short term loan to the USS Victory, an upgraded torpedo targeting algorithm broke both the safety features in the launch system and the fire suppression system, causing the entire launch bay to lock up and then flood with fire retardant foam. And who could forget the time on K-113 when a jury rigged plasma flow regulator blew, causing a hull rupture and plasma burns on six crewmen. That's just a sampling of what his service records in both the marines and Starfleet reveals. To his credit, he rarely makes the same mistake twice. On the other hand, any engineer with even a passing acquaintance with the caitian will tell you that he is always discovering new, creative ways to break both machines and people. Korvin waves off such incidents as just the price of doing what has to be done. Regrettable, but the inevitable result of taking calculated risks. Whether one agrees with him or not, the fact of the matter is that his ideas go wrong just about as much as they go right. Calling him reckless may be going a bit too far. Saying that he has a casual relationship with established parameters is right on the money.

More worrying by far is his bifurcated personality. While ordinarily, affable, genial, casual and somewhat flippant, he can when provoked turn into a cold, angry, merciless beast with little or no warning. As a fellow marine once put it "it was like someone had flipped a switch in his head and the person I knew had been turned inside out." His psychological profile lists it variously "a semi-psychotic break" and an "extreme stress coping mechanism." Whatever the doctors choose to call it, it's just one more measure of instability to an already dangerous mix. This dangerous personality quirk can lead him to shocking displays of anger and violence. The last time it happened, that Starfleet is aware of, the Vorta administrator who was the target of Korvin's rage had to be cut out of a defunct garbage incinerator with a plasma torch. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine him killing under such circumstances, and given his extensive service on non-Federation vessels, it's entirely possible that he has. That possibility alone has caused more than one perspective CO to take steps to ensure he never sets foot on their ship. He is in ongoing counseling for it, but the problem appears to be very deep rooted and any progress reported has been, to put it charitably, nominal.

The root may well lie in a weakness that only one or two counselors even suspect. Put simply, Korvin is a sociable creature who cares deeply about the attachments he makes. While his makes him a stubbornly loyal friend and a caring superior, it's not hard to imagine the havoc that might be wrought on such a mind by taking it and dropping it into the most brutal war the galaxy has known in recent history and then shortly thereafter a galaxy made chaotic and dangerous by multiple power vacuums. It's a matter of record that in eleven years in the marines, the caitian has watched a lot of his friends die, no few of them under his direct orders. He wouldn't be the first starfleet officer to be haunted by the events of the war and the brittle, bitter peace that followed it for so many years. He is unusual, however, in the sheer amount of it he's seen. With his unit nearly annihilated no less than three times during the war on top of the stress and rigors of combat, it's amazing that he emerged as well adjusted as he has. In fact, it's entirely possible that he didn't, that he's wounded in ways that even he does not suspect or dares not admit to himself and that the right - or catastrophically wrong - circumstances are all it would take to bring it all to the surface with a vengeance.
Ambitions Korvin has aspirations for command but command of what is an open question. He easily has the experience to lead a marine unit, but he's found star ship life agreeable and is seriously considering that career track as well. The Caitian National Fleet and a couple contacts within Star Fleet Intelligence have expressed interest in his talents as well, so professionally he does seem to have options.

Personally he wishes eventually to return to Cait'Sith, the colony on which he was raised and on which most of his family still lives. His is a long lived race though and he has time. Still, he gets back whenever he can and it is on these occasions when he seems most like the man he was before the war.
Hobbies & Interests Having led and enjoyed an active life thus far, it comes as no surprise to those who know him that Korvin is an avid fan of contests of skill, fitness and wit. Running, swimming and climbing are just the beginning as he also has an avid interest in various forms of martial art both armed and unarmed. Sports such as raquetball, baseball and volleyball which demand precision and teamwork also hold rotating slots in his free time

As the body, so the mind. Korvin is equally passionate about games of strategy such as go or chess and other more exotic forms of pitting one mind against another. He also has a keen interest in history, particularly earth history and can often be found with his muzzle buried in one book or another in the mess hall.

Finally Korvin takes a professional interest in developments related to his field. He reads on tactical theory, marksmanship and technical journals related to both personal and ship-scale weaponry and defense.

Personal History Born to Eridan and Vi'ven on the Caitian colony of Cait'Sith, Korvin had what could only be described as a picturesque childhood. His father was a respected engineer for a Caitian shipyard that specialized in sprint traders. His mother worked as manager for a dilithium mining concern. Both were attentive, active parents that somehow managed to balance their work with their growing family and do it well. The trials and tribulations of growing up came and went, but for the most part Korvin grew up concerned with grades and socializing, confident that life would continue as it always had.

Life, as life does, refused to do so, but at least it had the decency to wait for a while. Caitians mature both physically and mentally more quickly than humans and at fifteen terran years of age he was considered an adult. Indeed he looked the part, standing six feet, three inches tall and weighing as near as made no difference one hundred seventy pounds. The short lived Klingon war came and went, but tensions were already on the rise with the Dominion. When Korvin was sixteen, the Dominion War broke out and he joined the Starfleet Marine Corps.
Service Record The Marine Corps

Boot camp was a harrowing 16 weeks, but it was nothing compared to what lay ahead. The Dominion was pushing hard on all fronts. Young Private M'Rowl found himself assigned to Verdigris, a Betazed colony directly in the path of the Dominion advance as part of the 43rd Marine Regiment. Two months later the Jem'Hadar hit and hit hard. Colony orbital defenses were overwhelmed in a matter of hours, allowing the most brutal army in the galaxy to land. Within a day it was clear it was not a question of whether the world would fall, but how much time the marines could buy for the evacuation. They held an ever shrinking perimeter for seven days under continuous orbital bombardment.

It wasn't enough. With over three quarters of the regiment dead, the survivors took to the hills and forests with all the civilians they could round up. Jem'Hadar patrols hounded them every step of the way. By the time the fleet broke through to evacute the colony, only 143 soldiers remained out of the original 1500. But their sacrifice meant that over eight thousand betazoid colonists and scientists were spared the horrors of a Dominion internment camp.

The colonists and marines were taken to Betazed, well behind the lines, to recover. Exactly a week later, the Dominion attacked the world by surprise, taking advantage of a strategic miscalculation by the 3rd and 7th fleets. The planet fell in less than four hours. Few escaped, and those that did owed it to a shattered group of marines that hacked their way to the planetary transport grid, boarded a dominion cruiser and stole it in the confusion of the orbital battle.

Korvin spent the next few months being debriefed, but the war was too hot to keep soldiers off the line for long. Soon he was back in action, this time assigned to the marine detachment of the USS Hood and sporting new sergeant's stripes. The Hood participated in several major engagements and dozens of minor skirmishes in 2374. The marines were eventually detached to help hold a communications relay on an obscure rock called AR-558. The subsequent siege lasted for months as the Jem'Hadar desperately tried to retake the array before Starfleet could compromise their communications grid.

When the siege was broken and the few survivors relieved, Sergeant M'Rowl received word that the USS Hood had been destroyed by the Breen near the Mu'tara nebula leaving him once again without a unit. For his actions on AR-558 he was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and assigned to the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Battalion. As the Federation went on the offensive, the 3rd MEB assaulted and liberated many worlds the federation had previously lost, though always at a high cost. In 2375, the final offensive was launched into cardassian space after much bloodshed and heartache, the war was brought to an end.

The end of the war did not, however, end the turmoil in the galaxy. At the encouragement of his superiors, Gunnery Sergeant M'Rowl attended OCS and was commissioned as Second Lieutenant M'Rowl in 2377. From 2378 to 2385 he held a series of postings in the gamma quadrant and the Federation frontier, fighting enemies from pirates to revolutionaries to cardassian separatists. Eventually he reached the rank of captain. Despite the constant stress and danger of this time in his life, he remained a rather pleasant, if somewhat intense man and the ease and confidence with which he carried himself made him no few friends among those with whom he worked - everyone from enlisted marines to starfleet officers to planetary officials. Life could be hard, but it wasn't bad. Indeed, as the turmoil in the galaxy slowly subsided, it could be downright good at times.

By 2385 the galactic situation had sufficiently settled that Starfleet felt able to direct resources away from its combat arms and toward other pursuits. Accordingly, the Marine Corps began to contract. Captain M'Rowl was mustered out with honors albeit with a far from spotless record. A few months later he signed on with a mercenary cruiser bound for the distant Nyberrite Alliance.


Life on a ship agreed with Korvin and he flourished in the results oriented environment of a mercenary crew in the service of the fledgling navy of an expanding power. It mattered more by far on the NASC Invictrix what you could do and much less how you got it done. It didn't take long for Korvin to rise to a position that combined the responsibilities of Gunnery Officer and Marine Commander. As the Nyberrite Alliance expanded their influence into nearby unaligned star systems the Invictrix was brought into contact - and more often than not conflict - with new and interesting species. With much less in the way of first contact protocols, Alliance forces frequently ran afoul of local customs or hostile powers and the Invictrix and her crew frequently played the role of troubleshooter, arriving in system and resolving with whatever force necessary whatever situation was brewing. When Korvin got involved, as he did his fair share of times, this usually meant a lot of phaser fire and a few explosions, sometimes intended sometimes not.

It wasn't all cowboy diplomacy though. In three years on the Invictrix, he encountered Gorn, Tholians, Klingons, Romulans, Orions, independent traders and a host of others. He learned, to borrow the terran phrase, that there was almost always more than one way to skin a cat. That philosophy would continue to inform his thinking for a long time. There was always one more thing to be done. There were always options. Sometimes that was a very positive thing. Others... not. Just because an option is there, doesn't necessarily mean it should be tried, as he would also discover. Repeatedly. Incidents and repair bills aside, he did prove to be a valuable addition to the crew. Had he not, he would have been kicked off the ship or, more likely, met with a fatal "incident."


He might have stayed a mercenary for some time but for the Hobus supernova in 2387. By early 2388 pressure along the Romulan border was such that Starfleet was hurting for qualified officers of any kind. An old contact turned Starfleet officer managed to get in touch with Korvin while he was vacationing on Risa and convince him to rejoin, this time as a Fleet Officer. Loyal to a fault, both to his friends and the Federation, he accepted. It is rumored that it was to the disappointment of his hosts - and the intense relief of their administrators - that he departed.

His experience both in the marines and on the Invictrix did land him an accelerated training billet and by late 2388 he was assigned to the USS Trenton, patrolling the Romulan border with the 5th fleet, as a tactical officer. Romulan space had been thrown into chaos with privateers and rogue fleet elements all trying to carve out their own niche, often at the expense of bordering Federation worlds. It was during his time on the Trenton that he first gained a reputation for being an unconventional thinker which might be a good thing or a very bad one depending upon whom one asked. Certainly the Trenton's chief engineer developed a nervous tic whenever his name was mentioned. Still his performance merited enough recognition that when his posting on the ship ended two years later, his superior recommended him for a cultural exchange program with the Tzenkethi saying that she believed he had the "personality, innovative spirit and intelligence required to represent the Federation in unusual situations." High praise from a vulcan.

Starfleet apparently agreed, because his next posting was to the TSS Supremacy which cruised beyond the borders of the Federation for 18 months. Though his relationship with the Tzenkethi crew got off to a rocky start, the crew being inclined to view him as "soft", they got along rather famously by the time he was returned to the federation two years later. The shift may or may not have been precipitated by an incident about a month into cruise in which he allegedly beat the Bos'n into unconsciousness with a bottle of Blood Wine. Regardless, the captain and crew of the Supremacy were quite satisfied with his performance and complimented the coordinators of the exchange program in providing them with such an able officer. The feelings of the Bos'n on the matter went unrecorded.

After a security screening and debriefing for any choice bits of intel he may have picked up, he was assigned to a temporary post on K-113, a gamma quadrant trading outpost that had been targeted by Orion pirtes several times in the past few months. Over the course of the next year, Ensign M'Rowl worked with the station's chief of engineering to upgrade its tactical capabilities and with local governments and Starfleet intelligence to identify areas from which the pirates might be operating. The local Dominion representative, a Vorta named Nivek, took exception to his somewhat cavalier attitude toward protocol and ceremony, and generally behaved antagonistically for the first few months until the pair had a private conversation near a Dominion outpost's waste disposal facilities. The following week a new Dominion attache was assigned and she proved much more reasonable.

Still, it did take a couple of sharp fights, including one harrowing attack by a trio of Orion cruisers on the station, before the threat abated, but at the end of the year the mission had been accomplished. As it happened, an old marine contact turned Starfleet administrator near the Gorn border needed a candidate for yet another exchange program and asked for Korvin by name. So it was that not a month later he found himself serving on yet another alien starship, the GCS Sauricon

Life with the Gorn was very different from life with the Tzenkethi, the race having much more in common both organizationally and philosophically with the Federation. Still the year long cruise along the Romulan border afforded him a new perspective on the Romulan people who generally are much less wary of the Gorn than of the Federation. Peaceful contact with Romulan soldiers and civilians was a welcome change from his experiences on the USS Trenton and while his trademark casual mode of behavior irked some, his easy manner and penchant for unusual solutions earned him a few friends.

When Korvin returned to the Federation in 2393 he was treated to another, thankfully shorter, debriefing. Duty to the intelligence community discharged, he was then assigned to the USS Nimitz to fill one of several vacancies there left in the wake of her captain's death.