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Lieutenant Darenth Rayoon

Name Darenth Rayoon (Viscount Linosi)

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kriosian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Darenth's brawny good looks are just as much a product of the luxury of his exceptional upbringing as any bounty of good genes. He follows a personal grooming regimen that keeps a bare brush of stubble along his strong jaw and leaves his dark hair in a purposefully tousled state, gelled every morning with a native Kriosian plant that has a faint aloe-like smell. Regular exercise keeps his slightly larger-than-average frame well-muscled and in good condition. Although young by Kriosian standards, Darenth's light brown eyes are accented by laugh lines that underscore his easy-going demeanor.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sir Garhin Rayoon, Count of Eldriss Tanosia
Mother Eima Rayoon, Countess of Eldriss Tanosia
Brother(s) Lorost Rayoon, Master of Eldriss Tanosia
Sister(s) Cereen Rayoon, Mistress of Eldriss Tanosia
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Best described as a sybarite that lives by the motto of "work hard, play harder," Darenth is a bon vivant whose pleasure-seeking is not just a product of his privileged upbringing but extends down to his very personality. Vibrant, suave and personable, some find him social and outgoing to the point of appearing glib, though in reality he is generally very sincere in his interactions with others due to the slight touch of empathy for which his species is well known. His self-assured, conceited personality is often misinterpreted as superficial and arrogant. Darenth can be flirtatious with the opposite sex.
Strengths & Weaknesses Darenth's strongly adventurous spirit pushes him to take risks and think creatively. A natural drive for excellence, an astute mind, and a need for recognition led to an impressive academic career and now grants him a wide breadth of medical knowledge and intellect from which to draw. His lack of discipline and restraint can sometimes lead to trouble, especially given the rigid regulations within Starfleet. His largely undeveloped empathic abilities have helped take the edge off the isolation and exclusivity of his upbringing, resulting in a more well-rounded personality, an appreciation for people who come from all walks of life and an improved bedside manner that might otherwise be characterized chiefly by a noble’s arrogance.
Ambitions Darenth defines his status in life through the diversity of his experiences, the approval of others and achievement in the medical profession. Success is seen as a wide circle of friends, adventurous experiences to recall and recognized excellence in medicine.
Hobbies & Interests A gourmand fit to rival a Bolian, Darenth enjoys experimenting with different cuisines and beverages (though his intemperance can lead to a little too much consumption). He's also an avid sportsman and outdoorsman, participating in a range of activities from sailing and kayaking to racquetball and fencing. Although considered a neglected skill from his school days, Darenth can also play the viola.

Personal History Darenth Rayoon was born in 2357 on Krios Prime along the Klingon-Federation border to Sir Garhin Rayoon and Eima Rayoon, the Count and Countess of Eldriss Tanosia. As the eldest son and heir apparent, Darenth was given one of his father's lesser titles – "Viscount Linosi" – for use as a courtesy title. Although the Sovereign Dynasty of Krios Prime became a mostly ceremonial institution after a Klingon colony was established on the planet, noble families were allowed to retain their honours, privileges and holdings as a measure of appeasement to maintain law and order. Darenth spent the first ten years of his life in an atmosphere of increasing tension between the native Kriosian nobility and the Klingons, which saw the eventual outbreak of a rebellion in 2367 with covert support from the Romulan Star Empire.

Foreseeing the hostilities several years in advance, Darenth's father began to covertly transfer the assets and interests of House Rayoon off-world prior to the rebellion. The Kriosian bid for independence was eventually exposed by the USS Enterprise as a Romulan-backed plot to drive a wedge between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Nevertheless, the seeds of animosity between the noble houses and the Klingon government had already been sown, despite the proven intervention of the Romulans. Following allegations of their involvement in the rebellion and rumors of retaliation from the Klingon authorities, House Rayoon fled across the Federation border to Starbase 118. Taking advantage of the reluctance of Qo'Nos to pursue the matter due to internal struggles within the Empire and utilizing his diplomatic contacts on Earth, Darenth's father secured political asylum from the Federation and resettled the family in the city of Paris.

Most of Darenth's formative years were then spent on Earth; Krios Prime remained a fond but distant memory as he came of age. While his father worked to re-establish the family’s lucrative commodities brokerage firm on Earth, Darenth was educated at the elite Lycée Louis-le-Grand and Conservatoire de Paris. While nearing graduation from secondary school, he became the only member of his family to actively pursue Federation citizenship. The move created a significant rift between Darenth (the heir apparent) and his father, who along with the Kriosian Dynasty and community considered House Rayoon to be only "in exile."

After obtaining citizenship in 2375, Darenth entered Starfleet Academy over the vociferous protest of his father, who anticipated his son would one day return to Krios Prime to reclaim the family’s position amongst the noble houses. Although Darenth fully embraced his heritage and claimed title as a matter of pride, he saw a life at his father's firm or some other acceptable alternative as dull and completely lacking in the adventure he craved from life. Starfleet's appeal was not only in the opportunity to assist others but also in the exciting chance to explore and experience the unknown. With the ongoing Dominion War serving as a backdrop to the decision, Darenth's relationship with his family suffered significantly and resulted in an almost three yearlong lack of communication.

During his time at the Academy, Darenth performed well academically, but he did not pursue his studies to the complete exclusion of other activities. He actively participated in the Academy's racquetball and fencing teams, explored outdoor activities across Earth and partied enough to earn him a few reprimands from Academy instructors. One such indiscretion warranted the involvement of his father to avoid more serious repercussions, and it was at this point that Darenth reconciled with his family after reaching an understanding over his commitment to House Rayoon. He graduated summa cum laude from the Academy in 2379 with a focus on biochemistry and immediately entered Starfleet Medical Academy to pursue a medical degree.

Darenth elected to do his third year clinical rotations in a special program sponsored by Starfleet Medical that sent teams of third years to medically underserved areas of the Federation, principally colonies and outposts. After discovering a talent and interest in pathology, he spent his fourth year back on Earth performing research and trying to impress instructors from Starfleet Medical's Institute of Pathology in advance of applying for his residency there.

In 2383, he was accepted into a three year residency in a pilot program with the Institute of Pathology. The new program paired residents with experienced pathologists who were dispatched across the Federation to assist in diagnosis and treatment of unusual, undocumented or otherwise curious illnesses that required the specialized assistance of a pathologist. It was during these three years that Darenth discovered a love for practicing medicine within the fleet. At the conclusion of his residency, he applied for a two-year fellowship in a more traditional starship medical track focusing on emergency medicine and critical care aboard the USS Hope.

After routine assignments as a medical officer aboard two Nova-class ships – the Norfork and the Pulsar – Darenth accepted a position as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the Odyssey for a three-year deep space exploration mission in the Beta Quadrant. Following his return to Federation space, he was re-assigned to the USS Nimitz.
Service Record 2375 – 2379: Starfleet Academy
2379 – 2383: Starfleet Medical Academy
2383 – 2386: Starfleet Medical, Institute of Pathology (Residency)
2386 – 2388: USS Hope (Fellowship)
2388 – 2389: USS Norfork (Medical Officer)
2389 – 2390: USS Pulsar (Medical Officer)
2390 – 2393: USS Odyssey (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
2393 – Pres.: USS Nimitz (Chief Medical Officer)