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Captain Daniela Moreno

Name Daniela Grace Moreno

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m
Weight 63kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description One of Daniela's most striking physical features is her athletic build, honed by years of daily running. Despite her athleticism, she remains highly toned and hasn't lost any of her feminine features from the constant running and rigors of her career. Deep Italian ancestry shines through her physical features with a darker skin tone, piercing deep, brown eyes and full lips. Daniela keeps her auburn hair simple and usually shoulder length or shorter.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Anthony Moreno, Admiral, Starfleet Command
Mother Sophia James (deceased, unconfirmed)
Brother(s) Edward Moreno (deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grace Idorno, paternal grandmother (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Personality is such a complex tangle of history, experience, belief and ambition that summing up an individual with a word or two rarely captures the true essence of that person. In the case of Daniela Moreno though, it's surprisingly effortless: control and focus.

Daniela maintains firm control over every facet of her life, even if it is within the confines of her father's overarching (and overreaching) grasp on her life and career. She controls what she can and ignores the rest. This attention to only what she can control gives her a relentless focus few others have. This is one of the biggest contributing factors to the success she’s had over her twenty years in Starfleet.

While admirable traits for an officer and leader, her maniacal desire for focus and control have also been a detriment to forming meaningful and lasting relationships over her twenty-plus years in Starfleet. In her eyes, she doesn't have time to waste on people and relationships that won't push her to greater success. This personality flaw descends directly from her father's personality, an example she's followed for most of her life. The fact that she's never had a starship command of her own can be attributed solely to her father's misguided goal of keeping her out of harm's way because of the loss of her older brother during her adolescence (though that subject is more appropriate for a personality profile of the admiral himself and not his daughter).

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Daniela though. The true realization of how little control she actually has over her own life will lead her to take true control of her life, even if it means alienating the only family she has left. Challenges remain for her though. Since her Academy days, she's simply ignored the constant stigma that's followed her that she's been given everything in her career and not earned it. She strives to eliminate that stigma, though in a command situation, that could lead to perilous results if not kept in check.

- Dr. Atil Th'Var, Starfleet Medical
Strengths & Weaknesses Daniela's greatest strengths are her focus and control over everything around her. She has the unique ability to take control of a raging storm and bring order to chaos. She is a demanding leader, though still fair, and draws the best out of the people around her. Daniela's expectation is the absolute best from those under her command; anything less than their best is unacceptable and met with swift action, usually in the form of finding someone better suited to the task. Once she no longer has confidence in someone, it's difficult to regain her trust. Her focus, control and drawing the best out of people has served her well professionally in her twenty-plus years in Starfleet.

Unfortunately, those same traits have alienated many around her who view her as too controlling and focused on her career. She is demanding of the people around her; she expects the best from those under her and refuses to accept anything less than perfection. This career-first attitude has handicapped her personal relationships and she has few people in her life she can truly rely on to be there in a personal crisis.

Daniela is haunted by two events in her past: the death of her brother and the death of a cadet during her fourth year at the Academy. Little is known about the latter, but it still affects her deeply (records about the incident have been sealed by the admiralty). She has spent the better part of her career trying to make amends for the situation and to stretch beyond the shadow of her father. In recent years, she has taken more control of her life, but this has led her to create dangerous situations for the people around her, an issue that will continue to plague her unless kept in check.
Ambitions Over the course of her career, Daniela's ambitions have not been her own, but instead, those of her father (though she claimed until recently that his ambitions for her and her own were the same). Since the earliest days of her career, a position of repute in the highest echelons of Starfleet Command has always been the goal, though as she's taken steps to take control of her life and career, those ambitions have changed.

Daniela has let her career unfold at the hand of her father. While this has provided a wide array of opportunities she may not have otherwise had, it's also led to her spending months and even years of her career in places and situations that don't inspire her. With her own command now, her driving goal now is to embrace the things she's truly passionate about.
Hobbies & Interests Since her earliest days in Starfleet Academy, Daniela has always found an escape in running. Daniela has never had many friends and running provided her the chance to clear her head and relieve stress. Over the course of her career, she has made it a habit of running at least once a day.

During a deep space assignment, Daniela was forced to step in to a stellar cartography and planetary studies specialist role. From that experience, she gained a deep passion for space and studying everything she could about it. When she has free time, she prefers to continue her own studies in the fields. When insomnia strikes, she can often be found in a quiet corner of the ship or station staring at the stars or combing over some of the foremost stellar cartography and planetary science experts.

Personal History Daniela Moreno's life began much the same other Starfleet "brats" lives began: aboard a starship.

Born to Anthony and Sophia Moreno aboard the USS Macedonia in 2351, Daniela Grace was the fourth and final member of their star trekking family. Even as an Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the Ambassador-class starship, Anthony Moreno had visions of grandeur for him and his family that wouldn't end until he was sitting in the center chair of his own starship one day. Despite not realizing it at a young age, Starfleet would be all Daniela would know in her life.

Growing up on a starship afforded Daniela opportunities and experiences few children in the galaxy get. With those opportunities though came the harsh reality that the Moreno family was rarely on the same ship for very long. Even from an early age, Daniela could remember bouncing between three or four different starships as her father and mother continued to carry out their careers. By the time she was 5, she knew her way around no less than four different starship classes.

The hardest part of growing up as a Starfleet "brat" was the almost constant separation from one of her parents. While Starfleet routinely tried to keep families together, it wasn't always possible. In the case of Anthony and Sophia, they both had aspirations to greater things and those paths took their family in very different directions. The decision was made early on to not split Daniela and her older brother Edward up, but keep them with one of the parents. For Daniela and Edward, it felt more like vacation and a treat to be bounding around the Federation on different starships, but the stress it put on their parents was more than they could see at the time. The stress on the parents wouldn't last for very long though.

In 2358, when Daniela was only 7 years old, Sophia Moreno was killed in a shuttle accident when returning from a survey mission. At the time, both children were living on the USS Newton with their mother. She had led a relatively sheltered life to date and the loss of her mother hit her hard. Because of the deep space assignment and where Commander Moreno was stationed, it took almost three full months before the children were reunited with their father. She would later recall how close she and her brother became over those three months.

Only three years later, tragedy struck again when Edward Moreno and eight others were killed during a brazen attack by the Orion Syndicate. The eldest Moreno was only a year away from entering Starfleet Academy and the loss shook Daniela to her core. In only three years, she'd lost her mother and her only brother; in the wake of Edward's death, she clung to her father. Later in life, Daniela would recall those two incidents as leading to her father's overprotective and controlling nature over her life.

The remainder of Daniela's schooling was a combination of classroom work and hands on learning aboard the starships she lived that ultimately prepared her for a life within Starfleet. While her father insisted she be schooled in a wide array of topics, the subject that resonated with her the most was science, a trait her father said reminded him of her mother.
Service Record

Starfleet Academy

Having spent most of her life aboard Starfleet starships, it was no surprise when Daniela entered Starfleet Academy in 2369. She'd always given strong consideration to a life in Starfleet, but her father's insistence on that path sealed her fate and sent her packing to San Francisco.

Daniela's first year at the Academy was far from typical. Instead of the packed freshman dorms, she found herself living with upperclassmen in some of the nicest dorms on campus. While most of her classmates went through the prerequisites, she was given special exemption from most of those classes (professors constantly cited her extensive experience aboard starships growing up). In reality, the preferential treatment was paved mainly by her last name and the reputation of her father. Despite her best efforts to fit in with classmates, it didn't take long for her to become a social outcast as cadets insisted her father was the only reason she was in the Academy. Subsequent years at the Academy were more of the same as the stigma about her grew with each passing semester. Upperclassmen didn't seem to take note of the stigma, but with each year that passed, fewer upperclassmen remained as did the group of people willing to accept her.

Unlike most students, who chose their own course load and which areas they concentrated in, Daniela's coursework was chosen for her by her father who insisted he knew what would benefit her most in her career as a Starfleet officer. As a result, she found herself constantly enrolled in courses she found little interest in but would look good on her transcripts. On top of a course load that included military history, diplomacy, Starfleet history, strategic operations and exploratory history, her name and who her father was allowed her to become a member of the elite Cadet Training Squadron 47 (a.k.a. Red Squad) for three of her four years at the Academy.

With her third year coming to a close, Daniela found herself extended an invitation to the prestigious Starfleet War College, a fact that did little to dispel the notion she was an entitled and spoiled brat. After three years of dealing with the attitudes of fellow cadets, she embraced the honor normally reserved for experienced line officers in command positions. She was well aware of her father's hand in the invitation, but with graduation only a year away, she convinced herself to take full advantage of the opportunity and learn as much as she could; it could mean the difference between getting an assignment or not.

At the end of four years, Daniela graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors and began the arduous task of looking forward to the rest of her career.

Ensign (May 2373 - April 2376)

With a full pip on her collar, Daniela turned her attention to her career. Despite her path through the Academy being full of a wide variety of courses, there was no shortage of choices for her to choose from. The notion that she was free from her father's watchful eye though was short-lived when only days after graduating from the Academy the Daystrom Institute extended her the prestigious Norman Fellowship. It was clear her father was going to have a heavy hand on her career; given his standing in Starfleet though, there were certainly worse people to have directing your career. Daniela jumped at the fellowship and spent over a year studying a wide range of topics under the tutelage of some of the Federation's brightest minds.

After a year at the Daystrom Institute, her father's influence once again took hold as she was extended an invitation to Starfleet Command School. Daniela realized that the number of officers who were allowed to attend Command School was small so she took full advantage of the opportunity and graduated with distinction six months later.

With all her schooling out of the way, Daniela was assigned to Starbase 1 as an operations officer who was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the starbase. It was an odd assignment for such a young officer, but she did her best to shrug off the sinking feeling her father was the sole reason she'd gotten such a posh assignment while many of her classmates were stuck on aging starships or in quiet, boring corners of Federation territory.

Like other opportunities in her career, Daniela didn't waste anything when it came to her first assignment since graduating from the Academy. Whether it was shadowing other members of her team or even other members of other departments, she became a sponge and soaked up as much information as she could, often opting to take double shifts rather than socialize with other crew members. Her relentless drive to be better paid off after only a year when her department head offered her name up to the Lieutenant JG Review Board for consideration. A few short weeks later and she was awarded with another pip on her collar and new opportunities for the next stage in her career.

Lieutenant JG (April 2376 - June 2379)

With the Dominion War behind the Federation, life began to return to normal. Daniela had felt little impact from the war because of her assignment in the heart of Federation space, but Anthony Moreno's influence only extended so far; after spending a year and a half on Starbase 1 (and sheltered from the conflict), Daniela was transferred to her first shipboard-posting: the USS Valencia as a junior Science officer.

Because of her coursework during the Academy (hand-picked by her father), she had studied a wide range of topics, but never enough time in a single topic to become proficient. At Starbase 1, she'd become adept at dealing with operations issues, but her new assignment saw her as far away from anything she'd known as she could remember: the sciences. During her time at the Academy, she'd thoroughly enjoyed her science classes, but had never had the opportunity to do more than scratch the surface before the semester was over and she was off to another subject. For a two year assignment though, she'd have plenty of time to learn what she needed to know.

Daniela's time on the Valencia was one of the most transformative of her young life. Hundreds of lightyears from home, she didn't have her father looking over her shoulder for the first time. Though she still maintained a determined focus on her work and a drive to be better, she heeded advice given to her by her Commanding Officer to "slow down and take it all in."

As the Valencia turned for home and the six month journey back toward familiar space, Daniela seized an opportunity to step out of her job and into another one: stellar cartography and planetary sciences. Since arriving at the Academy, she had always pursued the "next thing" and looked ahead to what came next; in the Valencia's Astrometrics Lab though, Daniela found something she was truly passionate about. It was an odd reality that those who worked amongst the stars rarely stopped to look at them. Stars and space in general was such a commonplace thing to people aboard starships that it was almost pedestrian. When her job forced her to stop and look at the stars, she found something that truly engaged her senses like nothing in her life; it transported her back to her childhood and times spent in a quiet corner of the ship her father was stationed aboard staring at the passing stars.

When the Valencia finally returned to the central systems, Daniela was quick to request permission to stay on in the Astrometrics Lab for more time. Seeing her enthusiasm for the role, her Commanding Officer and department head agreed to let her stay. A little over a year later, her father's new promotion into the flag officer ranks was too much to keep her in the Science department any longer. As a parting gift, her CO recommended her for promotion to the Lieutenant Review Board, a request that was honored a few months later.

Lieutenant (June 2379 - August 2383)

Life with two full pips on her collar was far different than anything before it. Daniela quickly found herself pushed into greater roles of responsibility at a faster rate. Armed with glowing recommendations from her superiors on the Valencia, she bounced between several ships and bases over the next four years doing a wide range of "rotations" in different areas.

With her father in a greater position of power, Daniela saw more than half a dozen transfers during her years as a full lieutenant, including three department head positions. The constant change of scenery that would've normally worn on others provided her an opportunity to shine in front of more people. Her focus and driving need for control over her situation proved to be her greatest asset and one that provided countless letters of recommendations as she marched up the chain of command.

While her superiors loved her attitude and demand for absolute perfection, many of those under her command didn't share that appreciation. On several occasions, Daniela removed a member of her department from their role and replaced them with a "more suitable" candidate who was able to perform the same tasks better. Her willingness to quickly replace someone she didn't feel was doing good enough work earned her a negative reputation with many of the people under her command. Those complaints rarely resonated with commanding officers because of how effective a leader she had become.

If there was any doubt how capable an officer she was at this point, it was quickly vanishing. At only 32 years old, Daniela found herself in the enviable position of being groomed for command by some of Starfleet's best Commanding Officers. She was recommended to the Lieutenant Commander Review Board by no fewer than three separate COs and quickly moved through the process to adorn her collar with a third pip.

Lieutenant Commander (August 2383 - February 2388)

Daniela didn't have to wait long to get her first taste of command. Only days after being promoted to Lieutenant Commander, she found herself on the USS Pembroke as its Executive Officer. Despite her tour only lasting nine months before being reassigned, she finally saw what her father had been doing since her earliest days in Starfleet. Daniela brought a wide range of experiences to the table that the captain of the Pembroke lauded even as she moved on to other assignments.

Much like her time as a lieutenant, Daniela found herself transferred across the quadrant from starships to bases and even a land-based assignment on Bajor. Even with the growing list of recommendations and accolades, there were still some who viewed her as a free-loader and simply riding her father's coattails to command; she didn't have time to suffer fools and simply shrugged the suggestion off much like she did during her time at the Academy. Still, in the back of her mind, she was becoming more and more determined to prove to her detractors that she was every bit as good as her resume suggested.

Her attitude, abrasive at first, began to soften with more experience in command. Though some still viewed her command style as unnecessarily harsh, she began to learn to work with people under her command to get better rather than replacing them immediately. Despite a softer side, Daniela still had no tolerance for incompetence and worked hard to have the best possible group of people under her command, even to the detriment of her fellow department heads and other Executive Officers in the fleet. In spite of her demeanor with her equals, over the course of her nearly 5 years as a Lieutenant Commander, she occupied a command position the entire time, a feat rarely accomplished in Starfleet.

In 2387, when the Hobus star went supernova and destroyed Romulus, Daniela's status within Starfleet was sent into the stratosphere when her father named her the Assistant Starfleet Response Director in charge of relief efforts from the Federation. While she longed to be on a starship (and even studying the supernova and its impact on the surrounding space), she accepted the position and spearheaded Starfleet's relief efforts as well helping to organize a peace summit with the powers of the Alpha Quadrant on Narie. For over a year, Daniela proved her worth to the highest echelons of Starfleet Command and the Federation.

As the need for a response dwindled in late 2388, she again found herself before a review board and received her promotion to Commander shortly after.

Commander (November 2388 - January 2392)

Finally within striking distance of her ultimate goal, Daniela's focus intensified as she left Earth again, bound for what would end up being her final assignment aboard a starship. Given the opportunity to choose between several ships, Daniela jumped at the opportunity to be the Executive Officer aboard her former ship, the Valencia.

Captain Roshan Lunara was completing his final tour as a CO before retiring to a home on Bajor and it was his hope that Daniela would take command of the Intrepid-class vessel after he retired. Both of them found it a fitting way to pass the torch given how instrumental the man had been in Daniela's development as an officer. The tour learning under Roshan proved to be even more invaluable than her three year stint aboard the Valencia years earlier. Sadly though, the opportunity to take command of the ship never came. As Captain Lunara stepped down from command in 2390, Anthony Moreno's talons sunk into his daughter once again; when a position at Starfleet Academy became available, Commander Moreno was forcibly reassigned to Earth.

Enraged by the lack of respect for her career ambitions, the incident represented a growing chasm between Admiral Moreno and his daughter that only widened with every month she spent as a professor for Cadet Training Squadron 47. As much as Daniela enjoyed her time teaching cadets and shaping Starfleet's up and coming leaders, she longed to be back on the bridge of a starship, her own starship.

After some of the highest graduation rates in Red Squad's history, the Academy Commandant offered Daniela up to the Captain's Review Board. Her passage through the review process was swift and she was awarded her captain's pip only weeks after her latest class graduated from the Red Squad.

Captain (January 2392 - Present)

Still incensed at her father's control over her career, Daniela began searching for ways to get back to a starship bridge, in any capacity she could. Her first attempt at command was thwarted immediately by her father. It became clear to any suitors within Starfleet that no matter how qualified Daniela was, Admiral Moreno had made it clear she was off limits. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities (an irony not lost on her after the deluge of opportunities she'd had earlier in her career), she scoured Starfleet for any possible opportunity, but none existed (and if one did exist, it was quickly squashed when she tried to move toward it).

In 2392, when a planetary survey mission gone wrong near Reman territory left Captain Alex Diaz dead, Daniela quickly and quietly contacted the admiral in charge of the USS Nimitz, William Reardon. Knowing the 30-plus year feud between the two men would provide some leverage, she orchestrated a lightning quick transfer that her father wouldn't know about until it was too late. Admiral Reardon gladly accepted the transfer and gave Daniela what she'd longed for throughout her career: control over her own life.