USS Nimitz


Here We Go!

Posted on Mon Jul 22nd, 2013 @ 12:52am by Captain Daniela Moreno

Annnnnnd we're off!

I've just kicked off the new mission which surrounds two situations: an away team being stranded on the surface of a planet being torn to pieces by seismic activity and the Nimitz suffering a swath of glitches that prevent us from beaming the away team up. Chris will be contacting a couple of you in the next day or two about joining the away team, but if you have inclinations one way or the other, let Chris and I know!

For now, we should be studying the planet from afar and dealing with the systems issues on the Nimitz. If you have questions about what you can be doing, drop me a line.

As a final reminder, the 2 week posting policy is now in effect.




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